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Joseph Ward Cohen Jr. (September 20, 1920 – October 12, 1989) also known as Jay Ward, was an American creator and producer of animated TV cartoon shows. He produced animated series based on such characters as Crusader Rabbit, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-Right, Peabody and Sherman, Hoppity Hooper, George of the Jungle, Tom Slick, and Super Chicken. His company, Jay Ward Productions, designed the trademark characters for the Cap'n Crunch, Quisp, and Quake breakfast cereals and it made TV commercials for those products, and the company also made a Drive-in Theater intermission in 1963, which was later remastered in the 2010s. Ward produced the non-animated series Fractured Flickers that featured comedy redubbing of silent films. More about Jay Ward

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The most expensive item with a signature of Jay Ward (Jay Ward Limited Edition Cell “PHOTO BOOTH” Signed & Numbered Rare Art Edition) was sold in August 2019 for $338.00 while the cheapest item (Jay Ward signed 3x5) found a new owner for $1.04 in May 2020. The month with the most items sold (2) was May 2020 with an average selling price of $1.26 for an autographed item of Jay Ward. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in August 2020 with $50.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $1.26 was May 2020. In average, an autographed item from Jay Ward is worth $5.99.

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thumbnail1963 Jay Ward Autograph index card Rare 3X5 Signed Debut Auto Deceased$19.99logo
thumbnail1963 TWINS: Jay Ward, SIGNED 3x5 Card (REA), D.2012$2.75logo
thumbnail1964 Topps #116 Jay Ward Tony Oliva Dual Signed Autograph Rookie Twins Card WOW$13.48logo
thumbnailGORGEOUS Jay Ward & Gary Dotter SIGNED 1965 Topps Card PSA/DNA $49.99logo
thumbnailJay Ward (1938-2012) signed 3x5$1.49logo
thumbnailJay Ward (d.2012) Autographed 3x5 Index card 1964 Twins. 1970 Reds$8.95logo
thumbnailJay Ward autographed ONL Warren Giles baseball - Twins, Reds$22.00logo
thumbnailJAY WARD BASEBALL SIGNED INDEX CARD 3X5 ID #28955$3.90logo
thumbnailJay Ward Signed 1965 Topps #421 Rookie Minnesota Twins$9.99logo
thumbnailJay Ward signed 3x5$1.04logo
thumbnailJay Ward Signed Autographed Rawlings Official Northern League Ball Baseball RARE$50.00logo
thumbnailJay Ward signed Twins 1964 Topps Rookie card$15.00logo
thumbnailJay Ward Vermont Reds 1986 ProCards Autographed Minors Card W/COA $4.00logo
thumbnailMinnesota Twins / Cincinnati Reds JAY WARD autographed 3x5 Index Card$5.99logo
thumbnailMinnesota Twins, B&W 4x6 photo - JAY WARD - Autographed $3.99logo