Sports, Basketball

In the category "Sports, Basketball" we currently track items of 951 persons. The most popular ones, by number of traded items, are:

Michael JordanKobe BryantLeBron James
Magic JohnsonLarry BirdKevin Durant
Derrick RoseDwight HowardShaquille O'Neal
Dennis RodmanKareem Abdul-JabbarCarmelo Anthony
Dirk NowitzkiDwyane WadePaul Pierce
Charles BarkleyJerry WestAllen Iverson
Blake GriffinChris Paul 

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Signed Basketball trading cards by manufacturer and year

Upper Deck1991  1994  2007 
Topps1971  1973  1974  1975  1978  1981  1996  2005  2008  2009 
Fleer1986  1988  1989  1990  2004