Jim Beauchamp Autograph

James Edward Beauchamp (/ˈbiː-tʃʌm/ (BE-chum), August 21, 1939 – December 25, 2007) was a Major League Baseball first baseman and outfielder who played from 1963 to 1973 for the St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Colt .45s/Astros, Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, and New York Mets. He attended Grove High School in Grove, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University before being signed by the Cardinals in 1957. He was the father of former minor league baseball player Kash Beauchamp. He was 6'2' and weighed 205 pounds. More about Jim Beauchamp

Current items with a signature of Jim Beauchamp

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Picture Item Title Price Store
thumbnail(3) JIM BEAUCHAMP INDEX CARD SIGNED 1963-73 CARDINALS COLT .45s PSA/DNA d.2007$15.00logo
thumbnail1972 Topps # 594 Jim Beauchamp Autograph / Signed Card New York Mets (C19)$34.99logo
thumbnailJim Beauchamp & LarryDierker Signed 1965 Topps Card Houston Astros Rookie Star$69.00logo
thumbnailJim Beauchamp Autographed Envelope JSA Auction Certified $5.75logo
thumbnailJim Beauchamp New York Mets 1973 Topps Autographed Signed Baseball Card DECEASED$40.00logo
thumbnailNew York Mets Jim Beauchamp Hand Signed 3X5 Card Signature Auctions COA$29.99logo

Traded items with a signature of Jim Beauchamp

In total, we tracked 200 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

The most expensive item with a signature of Jim Beauchamp (Jim Beauchamp d.07 +RARE+ PSA/DNA Cardinals Braves Mets Autographed Baseball) was sold in June 2013 for $299.99 while the cheapest item (Jim Beauchamp signed 1974 Topps card Mets) found a new owner for $0.54 in July 2012. The month with the most items sold (9) was November 2010 with an average selling price of $3.50 for an autographed item of Jim Beauchamp. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in March 2014 with $100.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $0.54 was July 2012. In average, an autographed item from Jim Beauchamp is worth $4.99.

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Picture Item Title Price Store
thumbnail1964 COLT 45s: Jim Beauchamp, SIGNED 3x5 (JS), D.2007$2.50logo
thumbnail1965 Topps Auto Signed Jim Beauchamp Larry Dierker Rookie Stars Houston Astros$15.50logo
thumbnail1967 Topps Jim Beauchamp SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED # 307 Braves $3.99logo
thumbnail1971 Topps St Louis Cardinals Jim Beauchamp Signed Autographed Card #322$5.50logo
thumbnail1972 Topps Jim Beauchamp #594 Autograph 2020 Historic Retrograph Beckett$8.95logo
thumbnailDon Drysdale & Jim Beauchamp Autograph Signed Vintage Album Page $12.99logo
thumbnailJIM BEAUCHAMP (d. 2007) signed autographed 3x5 index card baseball $5.00logo
thumbnailJim Beauchamp Hand Signed 1967 Topps Atlanta Braves Autograph$12.00logo
thumbnailJim Beauchamp Hand Signed 1971 Topps St. Louis Cardinals Autograph$13.00logo