Herman Wouk Autograph

Herman Wouk (/woʊk/ WOHK; May 27, 1915 – May 17, 2019) was an American author best known for historical fiction such as The Caine Mutiny (1951) for which he won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction. More about Herman Wouk

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thumbnail4 Lot Herman Wouk 2 Series Winds of War SIGNED Remembrance Hope Glory HC ALL 1st$24.95logo
thumbnailDon't Stop The Carnival by Herman Wouk 1965 Hardcover Dust Jacket Book SIGNED$49.00logo
thumbnailHerman Wouk, The Will to Live On, Signed 1st Edition/1st Printing$349.99logo
thumbnailMarjorie Morningstar - Herman Wouk - Franklin Library - Signed - Leather$19.99logo
thumbnailSIGNED Hardcover Herman Wouk War And Remembrance 1978 set (x2)$300.00logo
thumbnailThe Caine Mutany - Herman Wouk - Franklin Library - Signed$19.99logo

Traded items with a signature of Herman Wouk

The most expensive item with a signature of Herman Wouk (Stephen King & Herman Wouk Signed Autographed First Day Cover Issue Authors) was sold in May 2020 for $225.00 while the cheapest item (THE CAINE MUTINY signed author HERMAN WOUK pulitzer) found a new owner for $0.99 in June 2010. The month with the most items sold (2) was May 2021 with an average selling price of $52.47 for an autographed item of Herman Wouk. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in September 2013 with $200.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $6.05 was January 2014. In average, an autographed item from Herman Wouk is worth $19.23.

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Picture Item Title Price Store
thumbnail3 HERMAN WOUK HCs The City Boy signed Youngblood Hawke 1st Caine Mutiny Deluxe$19.99logo
thumbnailCaine Mutiny by Herman Wouk 1952 Doubleday SIGNED 1st Illustrated Edition HC$41.20logo
thumbnailEC SIGNED Limited Edition Herman Wouk Inside, Outside Little, Brown 1985$19.95logo
thumbnailInside, Outside HERMAN WOUK SIGNED Numbered in Slipcase 1985$38.00logo
thumbnailJudaica Old Letter Signed By Famous Writer Herman Wouk Pulitzer Prized 1978$79.99logo
thumbnailSIGNED Herman Wouk Marjorie Morningstar Franklin Library LImited Edition 1981$14.00logo
thumbnailSigned Herman Wouk The Hope 1993 Little,Brown First  Edition 2 Slipcase$4.95logo
thumbnailThe Caine Mutiny signed by Herman Wouk (Franklin Library, Leather, New)$49.97logo
thumbnailWar and Remembrance by Herman Wouk (1978, Hardcover) Vintage Autographed!$39.90logo