John Updike Autograph

The most expensive item with a signature of John Updike (John Updike. Collection of Forty-Seven Signed Uncorrect Lot 45727) was sold on eBay in April 2015 for $750.00 while the cheapest item (John Updike signed picture postcard AUTHOR Witches of Eastwick RARE) found a new owner for $0.99 in April 2015. The month with the most items sold (17) was February 2009 with an average selling price of $22.50 for an autographed item of John Updike. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in April 2015 with $375.50 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $0.99 was May 2013. In average, an autographed item from John Updike is worth $19.99.

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Current items with a signature of John Updike

These are the most current items with a signature of John Updike that were listed on eBay and on other online stores - click here for more items.

Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
John Updike Autographed Black & White 5x7 Photo$61.74
John Updike Pulitzer Prize Witches of Eastwick Signed Autograph Photo Display$69.99
John Updike SIGNED THE COUP 1978 1st Edition HD, DJ, DJ Cover - Fine Condition$150.00
John Updike, Brazil, SIGNED 1st Franklin Lib ed 1994 leather cover wi gold gilt $88.00
MINT Brazil - John Updike. Signed 1st Edition Franklin Library Leather Gold Leaf$74.95
Museums and Women and Other Stories John Updike Signed Limited Edition Only 350$245.00

Traded items with a signature of John Updike

In total, we tracked 277 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

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Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
Memories of the Ford Administration (1992) Signed 1st Ed HC Book By John Updike$15.99
Rabbit, Run - John Updike - Franklin Library - SIGNED Limited Edition, Notes$32.99
The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike - SIGNED - Easton Press - Leather$49.99

Latest News about John Updike

Tulane lit star Zachary Lazar adds $20,000 John Updike Award to his feathered cap (03/16/15): Zachary Lazar earned national acclaim for his 2014 novel, 'I Pity the Poor Immigrant'.

Understanding Creativity: Why John Updike Loved Comics (01/16/15): “Literary biography—an enterprise Updike regarded with some skepticism—is largely a hunt for such deeply buried evidence.

My New Year's resolution: read more John Updike (01/01/15): How about you? Is there an author you'd like to read, from start to finish, in 2015?

Biographer of John Updike gives formal talk at The Abraham Lincoln hotel (10/04/14): Adam Begley wrote the more than 500-page biography "Updike," on the life and works of Berks County native John Updike, but he doesn't expect it to contain the last words on the Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

Alvernia to host 3rd conference on John Updike's legacy (09/28/14): The Reading area will be rich with literary scholars on the run to workshops and tours this week as the John Updike Society presents its third conference dedicated to the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Berks County native.

Older News Stories about John Updike

Son of John Updike Accepts Position in Father’s Name at Alvernia University (08/2014): David Updike, son of acclaimed author John Updike, has been named the John Updike Scholar in Residence at Alvernia University, beginning Aug. 2014. (PRWeb August 13, 2014) Read the full story at

IWU professor helps save John Updike home (05/2014): BLOOMINGTON — Jim Plath's connection to Pulitzer-prize winning American writer John Updike is more than academic.

John Updike, Living His Entire Life As Literary Fodder (04/2014): Louis Menand: “People who imagine Updike as serenely aloof from the world of his contemporaries, afloat in a bubble of New Yorker fame and public adulation, are missing the point of much of what he wrote.

Reading "I'm not John Updike, and I never will be": Richard Kadrey has Kill City Blues (03/2014): With titles such as Aloha From Hell and Kill the Dead , it's clear that Richard Kadrey's "Sandman Slim" novels are not for the faint of heart, something that should be equally clear from just looking at the author.

Paperbacks: Higher Gossip, By John Updike (05/2013): Only whisper it, but some of us prefer John Updike's essays to his dissections of suburbia.        

John Updike’s essays help us see paintings more clearly (02/2013): “Always Looking: Essays on Art” by John Updike (Knopf, 224 pages, $45)

NONFICTION: "Always Looking," by John Updike (12/2012): The late John Updike was also a pre-eminent art critic, as shown by this posthumous collection of 15 essays on art.

‘Always Looking,’ by John Updike (11/2012): The essays in “Always Looking” display the qualifications of a novelist that John Updike brought to his moonlighting as an art critic.