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Ralph Nader (/ˈneɪdər/; born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney noted for his involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism, and government reform causes. More about Ralph Nader

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thumbnail(2002) Ralph Nader - Crashing The Party (Hardcover) Signed$29.95logo
thumbnailCrash!ng the Party - Signed and Inscribed by Ralph Nader VGLN HCDJ 2002$94.98logo
thumbnailCrashing the Party By Ralph Nader (Autographed)$9.99logo
thumbnailRalph Nader How the Rats Re-formed Congress SIGNED FIRST EDITION Paperback 2018$19.99logo
thumbnailRalph Nader SIGNED book The Seventeen Traditions$12.00logo
thumbnailThe Good Fight by Ralph Nader, 2004, 1st Ed, 1st Pr, Signed & Inscribed, LikeNew$21.95logo

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The most expensive item with a signature of Ralph Nader (Ralph Nader President Green Party Signed Autograph MLB Baseball PSA/DNA COA) was sold in December 2019 for $249.99 while the cheapest item (RALPH NADER CUT SIGNATURE FROM BOOK PRESIDANTAL NOMINEE GREEN PARTY POPULIST) found a new owner for $0.99 in June 2012. The month with the most items sold (4) was April 2022 with an average selling price of $9.97 for an autographed item of Ralph Nader. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in March 2022 with $69.99 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $4.16 was August 2021. In average, an autographed item from Ralph Nader is worth $14.14.

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Picture Item Title Price Store
thumbnailBraking Through Power, by Ralph Nader - Signed Soft Back$9.00logo
thumbnailCrashing the Party Ralph Nader Signed 1st Edition Hologram COA$29.95logo
thumbnailRalph Nader SIGNED The Good Fight - First Edition - Hardcover$9.99logo
thumbnailSigned 1st Edition No Contest by Wesley J. Smith and Ralph Nader Hologram COA$39.95logo
thumbnailSigned inscribed Ralph Nader “The Good Fight”$9.95logo
thumbnailSIGNED Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! by Ralph Nader 1st Edition Hardcover $9.99logo
thumbnailSIGNED ~ How the Rats Re-Formed Congress by Ralph Nader (2018, PB) VG$10.00logo
thumbnailThe Ralph Nader Reader by Ralph Nader SIGNED COPY$5.99logo
thumbnailThe Seventeen Traditions by Ralph Nader 2007 HB/DJ *Signed*$15.30logo
thumbnailUnsafe at Any Speed, SIGNED - Ralph Nader - LN+$130.00logo