1984 Fleer Baseball cards

This is a list of all 1984 Fleer Baseball cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1984 Fleer Baseball cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
Mark Bailey$1.49$15.99
Steve Bedrosian$0.99$7.95
Buddy Bell$5.99$5.99
Bob Boone$1.00$5.50
Mike Brown$2.49$24.95
Bill Campbell$0.99$8.00
Roger Clemens$139.50$2333.00
Darrell Evans$1.75$17.60
Jack Fimple$1.99$16.50
Ray Fontenot$0.99$3.50
Julio Franco$2.99$69.99
Terry Francona$1.55$5.99
Gene Garber$0.99$1.93
Phil Garner$0.99$3.49
Dave Geisel$0.99$2.00
Goose Gossage$4.00$15.00
Mark Gubicza$0.29$15.00
Tony Gwynn$2.25$300.00
Andy Hassler$4.80$9.99
Andy Hawkins$0.99$7.99
Tom Herr$2.99$3.50
Lamarr Hoyt$3.00$18.50
Randy Johnson$0.99$6.00
Ruppert Jones$0.99$30.99
Bob Knepper$0.99$6.01
Alan Knicely$0.99$8.00
Pete Ladd$0.99$2.75
Tug McGraw$4.50$37.00
Scott McGregor$0.49$6.99
Bobby Mitchell$1.50$4.99
Lloyd Moseby$9.99$24.99
Tom Niedenfuer$3.20$3.20
Jesse Orosco$2.49$2.49
Kelly Paris$0.99$20.00
Dan Petry$0.99$7.99
Lou Piniella$0.99$21.99
Mike Proly$1.00$3.50
Luis Pujols$0.99$5.99
Bobby Ramos$0.99$4.99
Steve Renko$0.99$8.50
Dave Righetti$0.99$35.00
Don Robinson$0.99$2.25
Ron Roenicke$0.99$2.00
Steve Rogers$0.99$6.00
Vern Ruhle$1.00$5.99
Juan Samuel$2.75$14.99
Scott Sanderson$0.99$10.99
Doug Sisk$0.99$13.96
Ray Smith$1.00$3.25
Bill Stein$1.74$4.95
John Stuper$2.00$4.00
Kent Tekulve$0.99$4.99
Tom Tellmann$0.99$0.99
Mark Thurmond$0.99$3.20
Andy Van Slyke$6.00$22.52
Gary Ward$0.99$10.00
Len Whitehouse$0.99$12.68
Glenn Wilson$0.99$19.99