J.J. Henry Autograph

The most expensive item with a signature of J.J. Henry (U.S. Grant WAR DATED Autograph Letter Signed - To General Henry W. Halleck) was sold on eBay in March 2013 for $5750.00 while the cheapest item (Henry Mattson (1887-1971) signed postcard) found a new owner for $0.49 in September 2011. The month with the most items sold (19) was June 2008 with an average selling price of $9.75 for an autographed item of J.J. Henry. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in March 2012 with $500.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $2.24 was February 2010. In average, an autographed item from J.J. Henry is worth $22.48.

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Current items with a signature of J.J. Henry

These are the most current items with a signature of J.J. Henry that were listed on eBay and on other online stores - click here for more items.

Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
Typed letter signed by QUEEN ALEXANDRA'S Private Secretary HENRY STREATFEILD$125.00
Dr Henry Heimlich signed autographed photo inventor of the Heimlich maneuver$99.95
Henry E Huntingion Signed Pacific Electric Railway Co Voucher Feb 1904 Rare $129.99
John Henry Culp Signed Check Gettysburg National Bank 1873 VGC$250.00

Traded items with a signature of J.J. Henry

In total, we tracked 717 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

Most recently, these items with a signature of J.J. Henry were sold on eBay - click here for more items.

Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
1810, General Henry Dearborn, signed collector document$70.00
1882, Henry Ward Beecher, Abolishionist, Quote, signed$202.50
Mass.; Alexander Rice, Henry Dawes,Samuel Hooper signed$9.95
Rev Henry Melvill Author & Clergy Canon St Paul Signed$44.99
Signed - Autographed Letter Sir Henry Stanley 1891$322.98