Julia Parton Autograph

The most expensive item with a signature of Julia Parton (JULIA PARTON RARE SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH) was sold in September 2021 for $78.00 while the cheapest item (Julia Parton autographed photo (4”x6”) (Lot F4)) found a new owner for $0.75 in March 2012. The month with the most items sold (10) was March 2012 with an average selling price of $3.38 for an autographed item of Julia Parton. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in August 2021 with $9.99 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $3.38 was March 2012. In average, an autographed item from Julia Parton is worth $4.00.

Traded items with a signature of Julia Parton

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Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
thumbnail2 Julia Parton autographed photos (4”x6”) (Lot F3)$1.75logo
thumbnail2 Julia Parton autographed Soft Bodies promos (8.5”x11”) (Lot 3O)$4.00logo
thumbnail3 Julia Parton autographed photos (8”x10”)$9.50logo
thumbnail3 Julia Parton fan club cards & High Society business card (autographed)$2.26logo
thumbnail8 Julia Parton autographed photos (4”x6”) (Lot F2)$6.00logo
thumbnailAutographed High Society Cover - Julia Parton $4.99logo
thumbnailJulia Parton autographed photo (4”x6”) (Lot F4)$0.75logo
thumbnailJulia Parton autographed photo (8”x10”) (Lot 3C)$3.75logo
thumbnailJulia Parton autographed photo (8”x10”) (Lot 3G)$3.00logo
thumbnailJulia Parton autographed photo (8”x10”) (Lot 3I)$4.00logo
thumbnailJulia Parton autographed photo (8”x10”) (Lot 3M)$3.00logo
thumbnailJulia Parton autographed photo (8”x10”) (Lot 3N)$3.00logo
thumbnailJULIA PARTON autographed signed 8x10 photo$5.00logo
thumbnailJULIA PARTON autographed signed 8x10 photo$6.99logo