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Lisa Gleave

Lisa Gleave (born November 11, 1976) is an Australian-American glamour model and TV personality, known for her work as a Barker's Beauty on The Price Is Right and her appearances on the show Deal or No Deal. More about Lisa Gleave

Current items with a signature of Lisa Gleave

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thumbnail**LISA GLEAVE** -- 2010 Signature Series Card - BENCH WARMER Trading Card #5$1.49logo
thumbnail2011 Benchwarmer LISA GLEAVE Autograph Card BUBBLEGUM SERIES $3.99logo
thumbnail2013 Benchwarmer Hobby AUTO/Autograph Card #20 - LISA GLEAVE$9.95logo
thumbnailLisa Gleave 64 2015 Bench Warmer Signature Premium Base Purple Foil 3/4$12.50logo
thumbnailLisa Gleave SEXY Lingerie Signed Framed 11x17 Photo Display BW$64.99logo
thumbnailLisa Gleave Signed Sexy Authentic Autographed 8x10 Photo JSA #MM43102$34.99logo

Traded items with a signature of Lisa Gleave

In total, we tracked 591 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

The most expensive item with a signature of Lisa Gleave (2020 Benchwarmer Hot 4 Teacher Lisa Gleave Inscriptions Autograph Gold Foil 1/5) was sold in June 2020 for $45.15 while the cheapest item (LISA GLEAVE ** 2005 BENCHWARMER SIGNATURE SERIES #72 **) found a new owner for $0.39 in August 2021. The month with the most items sold (38) was July 2020 with an average selling price of $3.28 for an autographed item of Lisa Gleave. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in November 2009 with $21.99 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $1.45 was December 2019. In average, an autographed item from Lisa Gleave is worth $4.91.

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Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
thumbnail2015 Benchwarmer Signature Series Green Foil Auto #54 LISA GLEAVE #'d 10/10$5.99logo
thumbnail2019 Collectors Expo Model Lisa Gleave Autographed Kiss Card $15.61logo
thumbnail2021 Leaf BENCHWARMER GREEN FOIL AUTOGRAPH AUTO Lisa Gleave 02/10 $4.60logo
thumbnail4 Benchwarmer Autograph Cards Lisa Gleave Veasy Kinni Minter Hollywood Vegas 4/4$7.50logo
thumbnailBenchwarmer 2011 Happy Holidays Edition Autograph Lisa Gleave$0.99logo
thumbnailLisa Gleave 188 2016 Bench Warmer Eclectic Autograph Auto$3.75logo
thumbnailLISA GLEAVE 2019 Benchwarmer 25 Years 2010 Signature Series BLUE FOIL #'d 1/2$1.99logo
thumbnailplayboy LISA GLEAVE benchwarmer BENCH WARMER signed AUTOGRAPH 9368$3.99logo
thumbnailplayboy LISA GLEAVE with COA signed AUTOGRAPH 89117$9.10logo