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The most expensive item with a signature of Arnold Schwarzenegger (ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Autographed Terminator 16x20 Photo PSA/DNA #T53594) was sold on eBay in June 2016 for $699.00 while the cheapest item (Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Genisys signed autograph script) found a new owner for $0.99 in August 2017. The month with the most items sold (35) was October 2012 with an average selling price of $100.00 for an autographed item of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in May 2016 with $1350.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $3.25 was January 2017. In average, an autographed item from Arnold Schwarzenegger is worth $35.54.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger 8 x 10 Framed Autographed Signed Predator Photo with COA$122.50
Arnold Schwarzenegger Autograph TRUE LIES Signed Photo$5.50
Arnold Schwarzenegger hand-signed Autographed 8x10$50.00
Arnold Schwarzenegger signed poster. As bodybuilder$275.00
Autographed Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger$44.00
Autographed Signed Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 2 Movie Card Predator DVD $15.00
Black & White 8 X 10 SIGNED Photo BY ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER*Autographed$50.99

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is The World's Most Devoted Dad In Zombie Drama 'Maggie' [Trailer] (03/27/15): The 'Terminator' star also produced the upcoming film. Arnold Schwarzenegger re-vamps the zombie genre with a touching horror drama based on the unconditional love between a father and daughter during a time of global crisis. 'Maggie' is the directorial feature debut of designer Henry Hobson.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's back for high-octane, blockbuster hopeful 'Terminator: Genisys" (03/26/15): As promised, the Terminator and the man who originated the steely machine — Arnold Schwarzenegger — are back this summer for another go in "Terminator: Genisys," and Paramount Pictures, eager for a blockbuster, has already fired up a machine of its own — the publicity kind. With four films, over $1 billion in box office receipts, and a jumbled time-travel mythology, "Terminator: Genisys" is ...

Maggie trailer looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger's take on The Last of Us (03/26/15): This is the most human zombie film you’ve ever seen, and it’s the most human role you’ve ever seen me take on," Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote on Facebook. "My co-star, Abigail Breslin, is absolutely incredible in the title role, and our director, Henry Hobson, made a beautiful film. "Maggie is a totally different film — for me and for the genre.

Watch the Trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Zombie Movie Maggie (03/25/15): Walking Dead, meet Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets serious in zombie thriller 'Maggie' (03/25/15): March 25, 2015 | 9:29 a.m. The zombie genre gets a solemn look in the first trailer for “Maggie,” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming thriller in which he portrays a working class father trying to protect his infected daughter.

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07/17/15: .@JJWatt did 51 squat reps. After dinner. Keep doing big things on and off the field, buddy. #terminatormode
07/15/15: Gustav is locked in for his workout today. No distractions, no noise. #fetch #lab #motivation
07/12/15: Congrats to the #McGregornator. You did it again, @TheNotoriousMMA. #worldchampion #UFC
07/10/15: Weekend plans? #TerminatorGenisys
07/07/15: Thank you. You are the best fans in the world. #TerminatorGenisys
07/06/15: Reporters kept asking how I stay awake on the #TerminatorGenisys worldwide tour. It's easy. #machines #japan
07/06/15: Jerry Weintraub is larger than life. He was a giant in Hollywood & his heart was so big it lit up the town. My thoughts are with his family.
07/06/15: Thank you Japan for an absolutely fantastic #TerminatorGenisys premiere. #illbeback
07/05/15: What are you doing tonight to make sure the machines don't win? See #TerminatorGenisys now.
07/05/15: I love these. Keep them coming and don't miss #TerminatorGenisys

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's back for high-octane, blockbuster hopeful 'Terminator: Genisys" (03/2015): As promised, the Terminator and the man who originated the steely machine — Arnold Schwarzenegger — are back this summer for another go in "Terminator: Genisys," and Paramount Pictures, eager for a blockbuster, has already fired up a machine of its own — the publicity kind. With four films, over $1 billion in box office receipts, and a jumbled time-travel mythology, "Terminator: Genisys" is ...

A ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Sequel? Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Filming Begins In 2016 (02/2015): While Terminator fans don’t know about all of the events that will take place in this summer’s franchise reboot, Genisys, there is confirmation from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself that a sixth film will be arriving to theaters in a few years. During an interview with the Arnold Fans, Schwarzenegger didn’t release any details on the Terminator: A ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Sequel? Arnold Schwarzenegger ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an aging Terminator in new 'Genisys' teaser (01/2015): As Americans gets ready to gather around the small screen for the Super Bowl, Hollywood studios are busy coming out with short teasers for their upcoming movies. Paramount, for one, chose to share its video for "Terminator: Genisys" ahead of the game. The trailer for the sequel/reboot shows Arnold Schwarzenegger as the famous Terminator T800 cyborg, who has clearly aged since 1984. While the ...

"Get to the chopper!" What's the best Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liner? (12/2014): Vote for your favourite movie quotes from the iconic star of Sabotage .        

'I' behind the scenes: Vikram fashions himself after Arnold Schwarzenegger, then loses 25 kgs; ... (11/2014): Directed by Shankar, starring Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi and Upen Patel, 'I' will release on January 14.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'knew' he'd star in another Terminator movie (10/2014): Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger says he ''always knew'' he'd appear in another 'Terminator' movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger named Madrid's tourism ambassador (09/2014): Madrid, Sep 27 (IANS) Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger has been named Madrid's honorary tourism ambassador.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's NOLA-shot 'Maggie' lands distribution deal, plus more Hollywood South headlines (08/2014): Also, read items on BP oil-spill doc 'The Great Invisible,' the Baton Rouge-shot 'The Maze Runner' and more

Arnold Schwarzenegger to move to Australia? (07/2014): THE former Californian governor could be moving to Australia if his new assistant’s tweets are anything to go by.

Khrushchev's great-granddaughter says Arnold Schwarzenegger could become US Ambassador to Russia (06/2014): Great-granddaughter of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, Nina Khrushchev, suggested US actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger could become a U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Die Presse reports.

Beastie Boys 'not fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger's work' (05/2014): New York, May 31 (ANI): The Beastie Boys have admitted that they are not fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger's work, as they turned down a pricey offer for their 1994 hit 'Sabotage' to be featured in his movie of the same name.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Get To The Choppa!' Movie Quote Became So Popular (04/2014): Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 sci-fi action...

The Top Five Worst Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies (03/2014): There are some action fans out there that worship the almighty altar of the thick-accented Arnold Schwarzenegger . In the past 30 years we’ve seen the actor’s career rise, fall, then come right back up again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger test drives Oshkosh military vehicles (02/2014): “Terminator” toured the Oshkosh Corp. plant Thursday and took a 13-ton mine-resistant ATV for a spin on the test course.

Light Bud Super Bowl Ad Features Arnold Schwarzenegger and Minka Kelly (01/2014): Bar-goer Ian Rappaport has one wild night that involves getting a ride in a limo full of sexy ladies and a duel with the former governor of California.

Politics cost me money: Arnold Schwarzenegger (12/2013): London, Jan 1 (PTI) Action star-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger says he lost out on millions of dollars when he was the Governor of California.

Sabotage Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Can’t Stand Rockin’ When He’s in This Place (11/2013): First things first, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a side part in this movie. He looks just like Pete Campbell. Sabotage stars Schwarzenegger as the head of the DEA, who’s in charge of a pretty star-studded crew, including Terrence Howard, Sam Worthington, and Mireille Enos. Someone stole money from the cartel, so Arnie ... More »        

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sen. Barbara Boxer are rivals no more (10/2013): WASHINGTON -- Arnold Schwarzenegger met with a bunch of California Democrats and Republicans on Wednesday while on Capitol Hill to lobby for after-school programs. But it was notable that the one with whom he strode to the podium at a Capitol news conference was Sen. Barbara Boxer.        

Exclusive Clip! Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Escape Plan’ (09/2013): Sly and Arnold, together again! “Expendable” stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are starring in the upcoming prison action flick “Escape Plan.”

'The Expendables 3' first look: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford team up on set (08/2013): Just a few weeks after fans learned that he was stepping into "The Expendables 3" to replace Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford has hit the set of the action franchise's threequel, posing for a photo with co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger on their first day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger to launch line of nutritional supplements (07/2013): Former California governor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger is launching a new line of nutritional supplements in September. His Arnold Series supplements will focus on four areas: performance, power and strength, nutrient support and recovery. “I’ve been on a crusade to promote fitness for more than four decades,” Schwarzenegger said. “That has led to the largest health and fitness ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in new 'Terminator' film (06/2013): London, Jun 29 (PTI) Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is all set to star in a new 'Terminator' film to be released in 2015.

Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in new TV show (05/2013): Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to return to bodybuilding in new TV series Pump, set in the 70s and based around a gym in Californias Venice Beach.

GazetteChrisR published Woman robbed by 'Arnold Schwarzenegger soundalike' in Brentwood (04/2013): A woman was robbed at knifepoint in Brentwood by a man who is described as speaking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Police said the 43-year-old victim was on the pathway between Seven Arches Road and Ingrave Road at about 1.15pm on Saturday when the robber approached her from behind and tried to snatch her handbag. When she struggled he pulled out a knife and threatened her, until she handed over a ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Get Together for Cozy Easter Brunch (03/2013): Family was the main focus for today. Numerous celebs spent Easter with their loved ones, and E! News reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger was part of the trend by joining Maria...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Steps Out with New Girlfriend, Couple Has Been Dating "Since the Fall," Source Says (02/2013): Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is moving on from Maria Shriver. The former California governor stepped out for dinner in Santa Monica, Calif. with girlfriend Heather Milligan,...

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sex Picture is Reportedly Worth $150K (01/2013): I’m sure this must come as a shock to you, but Arnold Schwarzenegger — the guy who knocked up one of his employees and kept the baby a secret for years? –has a sex picture floating around, and it’s apparently worth $150,000. Yes, that’s right: An old, crappy picture of Arnold doing a vague sex act is worth as much as a (small) house. Page Six reports: Page Six exclusively revealed last week that ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator, Body-Builder, and Global Leader on Climate-Change (12/2012): If the United States ever enacts a major climate-change law, it will owe a debt to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thomas D. Elias: Arnold Schwarzenegger was a lousy governor with a worse memory (11/2012): Back when movie muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor for the first time in 2003, seeking to oust Gray Davis from the post to which he had freshly been re-elected, he was often accompanied by two types

Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise Conan The Barbarian role (10/2012): Arnold Schwarzenegger will once again play Conan The Barbarian - 30 years after first taking on the role that shot him to fame.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memoir is something less than ‘Total Recall’ (09/2012): In June 2003, as the movement to recall California Gov. Gray Davis was gathering momentum, Arnold Schwarzenegger paid Karl Rove a visit in the West Wing of the George W. Bush White House. Schwarzenegger was intrigued by the idea of getting involved in the recall, but Rove was dismissive. “It will never happen,” Rove told Schwarzenegger. “There will be no recall election. Plus, if there were to ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s monster truck (08/2012): FANS gathered round when Schwarzenegger stopped in the £160,000 model favoured by the German army

L’Uomo Vogue Very Preoccupied With Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Wardrobe (07/2012): The glossy recommends "colorful and timeless casualwear made of printed t-shirts, colorful shirts, oversize pants and one-color polo shirts, followed by rigorous blue and gray suits matched with lively ties," and brands such as Dior Homme, Geox, and Trussardi. Hasta la vista in your oversize pants during the photo call ... More »