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Lance Edward Armstrong (born Lance Edward Gunderson on September 18, 1971) is an American former professional road racing cyclist. Armstrong is the 1993 professional world champion, and won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005. However, in 2012, he was banned from sanctioned Olympic sports for life as a result of long-term doping offenses. As part of those sanctions, all results going back to August 1998, including his seven Tour wins, were voided. More about Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong Autographed Sports Illustrated Magazine - August 4, 2003$161.99
Lance Armstrong Signed Comback 2.0 Book SI$143.99

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Autographed Book'Tour de France Champ' Lance Armstrong$65.70
Lance Armstrong signed book Comeback 2.0 video and pic$58.00
Lance Armstrong signed book Comeback 2.0 video and pic$47.00
Lance Armstrong signed book Comeback 2.0 video and pic$58.00
lance armstrong signed index card $11.99

Latest News about Lance Armstrong

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic professional road race features local favorites and young guns (05/21/15): He’s well known for beating Lance Armstrong in a mountain bike race in Aspen as just a 16-year-old. “Nico has been a high placer in previous years, and Keegan is a strong up-and-comer,” Sippy said. Another name to watch is Durango local-by-way-of ...

Championship Preview:‘As you are providing a sample at a urinal, your chaperone stands, peering over your shoulder at every move’ (05/21/15): A few years ago, I was captivated by all I could find about the Lance Armstrong controversy. I grew fascinated at the scale of the entire doping operation involved and how he was so insatiably driven to win by whatever means was necessary, fair or foul.

USPS Benefited More from Victories, Armstrong Says (05/21/15): Attorneys for Lance Armstrong filed documents in federal court on Tuesday, arguing that his seven consecutive Tour de France victories were worth much more to the U.S. Postal Service, his sponsor, than they were to him, according to the AP. As Outside ...

Game 3 Preview: Myth v. Reality (05/21/15): One of which was the amazing aerobic capacity and endurance of Duncan Keith. Keith’s VO2 max has been measured at a level equal to Lance Armstrong (with or without enhancement). He was by far the fastest player on the ice still in the 6th period Tuesday ...

Lance Armstrong News: After Doping Confession, Cyclist Sued For Over $100 Million … And Feds Claim Armstrong’s STILL Lying (05/21/15): Two years ago, the world stood in amazement as the greatest victor of the Tour De France, who won the title a record-breaking seven consecutive times, told Oprah Winfrey that the allegations that had been made against him for years about doping were true ...

Latest tweets from Lance Armstrong as @lancearmstrong

07/19/15: 2/2 truly humbled by the response from the French public. To say our history is complicated would be an understatement. Merci 4 the support!
07/19/15: 1/2 Back home. Had some time to reflect on my time in France w/ the @TdF1DayAhead team. 2 things - awfully impressed with those riders and..
07/19/15: Thoughts go out to the family of Marcelo Flores on his passing. He rode on the @Texas4000 a few years back.
07/16/15: Incredible first day w/ the @TdF1DayAhead crew. Hot & hilly but gr8 time. And a big thanks/merci to the French people for the warm welcome
07/15/15: At Denver airport headin 2 the @TdF1DayAhead, having dinner, & run into some journalist. Good to see you @ReillyRick.
07/14/15: Fascinating lunch with @Pam_Alexander and @markpinc. Thanks for your time y'all.
07/14/15: Finally, this @letour is NOT over. Those initial hard efforts that Sky put out today tend to add up and there is a ton of racing left.
07/14/15: 1. Clearly Froome/Porte/Sky are very strong. Too strong to be clean? Don't ask me, I have no clue.
07/14/15: Getting lots of questions regarding today's first mountain stage @letour. Some thoughts to follow.
07/13/15: Thinking about @ivanbasso and wishing him the very best as he embarks on his cancer journey. #IvanSTRONG!!

Older News Stories about Lance Armstrong

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic professional road race features local favorites and young guns (05/2015): He’s well known for beating Lance Armstrong in a mountain bike race in Aspen as just a 16-year-old. “Nico has been a high placer in previous years, and Keegan is a strong up-and-comer,” Sippy said. Another name to watch is Durango local-by-way-of ...

Hamilton jokes with Lance Armstrong in 'strange' meeting (04/2015): CYCLIST Tyler Hamilton had a "strange" encounter with his old Tour de France teammate Lance Armstrong last week.

Lance Armstrong's charity ride is a ploy, says ex-teammate's wife (03/2015): Betsy Andreu, wife of Lance Armstrong's ex-teammate Frankie, says the former's planned charity ride is nothing more than "a ploy." The wife of one of Lance Armstrong's former teammates has described the disgraced cyclist's plans to ride the Tour de France route for charity as nothing more than "a ploy."

Lance Armstrong and The Cautionary Tale of Arbitration (02/2015): Polsinelli – Arbitration is sometimes touted as less expensive and less risky for businesses than traditional courtroom litigation, especially when it comes to consumer disputes.

Lance Armstrong Appears In Rocker Pal's New Video (01/2015): Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has signed up to appear in the new video from pal Tim Commerford's new band Future User. The Rage Against The MAChine bassist often works out with Armstrong and turned to him when he needed a cameo for his new song Mountain Lion.

Lance Armstrong: ‘I won’t cheat at golf – honest!’ (12/2014): Lance Armstrong, the spectacular cheat who harnsssed the power of lab technology and a good backstory to win seven Tour de France titles, says he draws the line at cheating, telling Golf Digest...

Sheryl Crow Reportedly Told Feds About Lance Armstrong’s Illicit Activities (11/2014): It seems that a little birdie might have sung to federal investigators about bicyclist Lance...

Sheryl Crow happy she broke up with Lance Armstrong (10/2014): Country star Sheryl Crow is "so happy" she was not dating disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong when he confessed to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Doug Ulman to step down as CEO of cancer charity started by Lance Armstrong (09/2014): The CEO of the cancer charity Livestrong is leaving after 14 years, a period in which the small local charity grew into a $500 million US global brand before it was rocked by founder Lance Armstrong's confession that he used performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career.

Lance Armstrong: Lie would have continued (08/2014): Lance Armstrong says he would still be issuing strident denials if he hadn't been caught and then forced to admit to using performance-enhancing drugs.

MLB Is Now Worried Players Are Taking The Super PED Used By Lance Armstrong (07/2014): At some point this summer Major League Baseball...

Lance Armstrong writes foreword for whistleblower’s book (06/2014): The Irish whistleblower central to the downfall of Lance Armstrong has written a new book with a foreword by none other than the disgraced former cycling professional himself.

Lance Armstrong visits Central Ark. for cycling event (05/2014): Former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong visited Pulaski County Saturday for a little biking.

Alex Wolff: To truly come clean Lance Armstrong needs to help fix cycling (04/2014): There's plenty of symbolism to explore in this video of Lance Armstrong gone grease monkey, demonstrating how to fix a flat tire. The disgraced cyclist, looking and sounding strikingly humble, made the cameo for Outside, which posted the two-minute how-to on its website last week. But I was more interested in what editor-in-chief Christopher Keyes had to say in a companion piece, because when it ...

Lance Armstrong faces £12m bill for doping lie (03/2014): Lance Armstrong has moved a step nearer getting a bill for about $20m (£12m) for lying under oath about his use of performance-enhancing drugs when securing prize money from insurance company SCA Promotions.        

Lance Armstrong facing 12 million-pound bill from insurance company for 'lying about doping' (02/2014): Disgraced former American cyclist Lance Armstrong is reportedly facing a 12 million-pound bill for lying under oath about his use of performance-enhancing drugs when securing prize money from insurance company SCA Promotions.

Documentary details how Lance Armstrong took us all for a ride (01/2014): A man who committed what the National Parole Board calls one of the most heinous crimes in the history of B.C. will be allowed to leave prison for up to 72 hours a month.

2013 sports month-by-month review: January - featuring Lance Armstrong, Andy Murray and Eden Hazard (12/2013): As the year draws to a close, Sportsmail takes a look back at the highs and lows and the tos and the fros from the 2013 sporting calendar with a month-by-month review of the most memorable moments.

Behind Lance Armstrong's Blood Money (11/2013): Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong was fueled by Wall Street money as well as steroids, says Vanessa O'Connell, author of Wheelmen.        

'The Armstrong Lie' Director on Being Caught in Lance Armstrong's Web of Lies (10/2013): Alex Gibney Talks About Revamping His Armstrong Documentary

U.S. government said it was deceived by Lance Armstrong (09/2013): SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25 (UPI) -- Cyclist Lance Armstrong said the U.S. government -- a sponsor of his cycling team -- should have known he was doping, but the government argued it was deceived.

Lance Armstrong Payback For Sunday Times 'Libel' That Wasn't (08/2013): The news that disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong settled with the Sunday Times may make you do a double take. It was nine years ago that Armstrong sued the paper after it dared to run an article suggesting he was using performance-enhancing drugs. That was long before he admitted last year to doping during his career, so the paper paid to settle with Armstrong in 2006, forking over £300,000.

Lance Armstrong lawyers ask U.S. judge to dismiss fraud lawsuit (07/2013): WASHINGTON, July 23 (Reuters) - Lawyers for disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong said on Tuesday that Armstrong's former teammate Floyd Landis should be barred from suing Armstrong for fraud because Landis, like Armstrong, took performance-enhancing drugs. In papers filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, Armstrong's lawyers asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit Landis filed under a federal law ...

Lance Armstrong uninvited, unwanted guest at 100th Tour de France (06/2013): Lance Armstrong made himself the uninvited and unwanted guest at the Tour de France on Friday, coming back to haunt the 100th edition of the race and infuriating riders both past and present by talking at length in a newspaper interview about doping in th

Quoted: Sheryl Crow has nothing to say about Lance Armstrong (05/2013): “His story is completely his own. . ." says the singer of her ex-fiance, "and so I don’t speak about it.”

Nation+world: Justice Dept. says Lance Armstrong was 'unjustly enriched' (04/2013): U.S. Justice Department joins whistle-blower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong, saying the cyclist violated his contract with the U.S. Postal Service and was 'unjustly enriched' while cheating to win the Tour de France.

Spain May Launch Criminal Case Against Lance Armstrong (03/2013): The disgraced cyclist is being investigated for doping in four regions on the Iberian peninsula. Lance Armstrong is under criminal investigation in Spain . The disgraced former cyclist and Livestrong figurehead could face criminal charges if he is found guilty of "trafficking, distribution and commercialization of doping drugs" while in Spain. If such charges cannot be brought, investigators may ...

Livestrong exec: Lance Armstrong wasn't asked to leave (02/2013): CHICAGO — An executive vice president of a cancer charity founded by Lance Armstrong says the cyclist wasn't formally asked to resign after admitting the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Lance Armstrong Sings Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ To Oprah [Video] (01/2013): Either Lance Armstrong has just created the weirdest one-man tribute band of all time, or YouTube user Matthis Vlot is way too good at this video-editing malarkey. Vlot, who seems to excel at these “supercut” videos, has just released his latest effort, in which disgraced cyclist Armstrong stammers his way through Radiohead‘s 1992 hit “Creep”. [...] Lance Armstrong Sings Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ To ...

Sunday Times bosses sue Lance Armstrong over libel settlement (12/2012): Publishers at Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Times newspaper are suing disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong for cash he won from them in a libel settlement.

Gym In Lance Armstrong's Home Town Erases His Name, Pretends He Never Existed (11/2012): A gym in Austin, Texas, the hometown of Lance Armstrong , has cut ties with the disgraced cyclist and has literally erased his name from their locations.

Lance Armstrong will be burned in effigy (10/2012): If being stripped of his Tour de France titles wasn’t enough, the English town of Edenbridge has elected to burn a 30 foot replica of disgraced professional cyclist Lance Armstrong to burn.

Lance Armstrong Competes in Local Triathlon (09/2012): Legendary athlete Lance Armstrong visited San Diego Sunday to compete in the annual SuperFrog Triathlon at Silver Strand State Beach. Photo Credit: NBCSanDiego

Lance Armstrong can't get cheating out of his system (08/2012): Lance Armstrong continues to introduce himself as a seven-time Tour de France champion despite being stripped of his titles by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Other sports cheaters have been ostracized, so why not Armstrong? A week later, he's still cheating.

Symbus Law Group Representing Supplement Maker Kidstrong Alleges Trademark Misuse by Lance Armstrong Foundation (07/2012): A dispute over an attempt by dietary supplement maker Kidstrong Enterprises to trademark the name PROSTRONG has led to claims that the Lance Armstrong Foundation is engaging in tra

Lance Armstrong shrugs off USADA 'antics' (06/2012): Lance Armstrong Saturday shrugged off the US Anti-Doping Agency's decision to file formal doping charges against him, saying he wouldn't let it halt his cancer awareness work.