Norman Borlaug Autograph

Norman Ernest Borlaug (/ˈbɔːrlɔːɡ/; March 25, 1914 – September 12, 2009) was an American agronomist who led initiatives worldwide that contributed to the extensive increases in agricultural production termed the Green Revolution. Borlaug was awarded multiple honors for his work, including the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. More about Norman Borlaug

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In total, we tracked 59 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

The most expensive item with a signature of Norman Borlaug (Norman Borlaug Single-Signed OAL Baseball (PSA/DNA)) was sold in January 2020 for $329.00 while the cheapest item (NORMAN BORLAUG SIGNED CUT FATHER OF THE GREEN REVOLUTION NOBEL PEACE PRIZE) found a new owner for $0.59 in March 2016. The month with the most items sold (2) was January 2020 with an average selling price of $177.50 for an autographed item of Norman Borlaug. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in October 2016 with $225.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $2.00 was August 2010. In average, an autographed item from Norman Borlaug is worth $21.50.

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thumbnailNOBEL PRIZE NORMAN BORLAUG Signed Food for Peace FDC & Texas A&M Business Card$26.00logo
thumbnailNobel scientist Norman Borlaug signed FDC First Day Cover.$9.95logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug (Nobel Peace Prize 1970) Signed First Day Cover With Photograph$30.00logo
thumbnailNORMAN BORLAUG Agronomist Nobel Peace Prize GREEN REVOLUTION Leader CARD SIGNED $11.50logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug Autograpgh Letter Signed Re: Can We Live Forever? Scientist$19.99logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug autograph NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 1970, signed photograph$79.71logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug Autographed First Day Cover Nobel Peace Prize Agronomist D.09$13.00logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug Nobel Peace Prize Winner signed card Saved 1 Billion Lives$29.99logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug Nobel Prize Agronomist Autograph Hand Signed FDC & Card$35.99logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug Signed Business Card Scientist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner$19.99logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug Signed Photo Nobel Peace Prize Scientist$19.99logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug Signed Postal Cover Nobel Peace Prize Scientist$27.00logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug Single-Signed OAL Baseball (PSA/DNA)$329.00logo
thumbnailNORMAN BORLAUG †2009 Nobel Peace Prize 1970 signed photograph 4 x 6 $49.99logo
thumbnailNorman Borlaug, Paul Berg, Robert Curl &3 other Nobel Prize Winners signed card$59.99logo