Ken Ham Autograph

Kenneth Alfred Ham (born 20 October 1951) is an Australian Christian fundamentalist, young Earth creationist and apologist, living in the United States. He is the president of Answers in Genesis (AiG), a creationist apologetics organization that operates the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. More about Ken Ham

The most expensive item with a signature of Ken Ham (KEN HAM Signed Photo NASA ASTRONAUT) was sold on eBay in June 2013 for $64.99 while the cheapest item (Ken Ham signed photo) found a new owner for $8.50 in June 2011. The month with the most items sold (2) was April 2019 with an average selling price of $22.50 for an autographed item of Ken Ham. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in June 2013 with $64.99 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $9.90 was November 2011. In average, an autographed item from Ken Ham is worth $18.50.

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Traded items with a signature of Ken Ham

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Astronaut Ken Ham Signed Photo$27.00
Astronaut Ken Ham Signed Photo$18.00
Ken Ham Autographed NASA 8X10 Photo - Tough Autograph$35.00