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Thomas Arthur Reiter (born 23 May 1958 in Frankfurt, West Germany) is a retired European astronaut and is a Brigadier General in the German Air Force currently working as ESA Interagency Coordinator and Advisor to the Director General at the European Space Agency (ESA). He was one of the top 25 astronauts in terms of total time in space. With his wife and two sons he lives near Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. More about Thomas Reiter

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The most expensive item with a signature of Thomas Reiter (REITER - Thomas Reiter - signed - 11) was sold in November 2014 for $37.00 while the cheapest item (THOMAS REITER "European Astronaut" Hand Signed Card) found a new owner for $0.99 in September 2009. The month with the most items sold (2) was May 2012 with an average selling price of $16.00 for an autographed item of Thomas Reiter. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in December 2020 with $29.95 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $4.99 was September 2010. In average, an autographed item from Thomas Reiter is worth $9.99.

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thumbnailTHOMAS REITER Authentic Hand Signed Autograph 4X6 Photo - EUROPEAN ASTRONAUT$10.99logo
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thumbnailTHOMAS REITER, astronaut, Hand Signed 4x6 Photo$9.99logo