1959 Topps Baseball cards

This is a list of all 1959 Topps Baseball cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1959 Topps Baseball cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
George Altman$2.25$12.50
Frank Baumann$0.99$9.99
Gary Bell$0.99$9.99
Jim Bolger$1.29$13.00
Bob Bowman$0.99$8.79
Dick Brodowski$0.99$7.99
Ernie Broglio$1.04$20.00
Jim Brosnan$3.28$19.99
Pete Burnside$1.99$15.00
Bob Cerv$3.75$9.99
Tex Clevenger$0.99$10.50
Joe Cunningham$0.01$19.99
Don Demeter$0.99$21.99
Art Ditmar$0.99$22.00
Bill Fischer$0.99$4.99
Hank Foiles$0.99$17.95
Tito Francona$4.95$5.24
Ned Garver$1.99$6.99
Johnny Groth$1.29$15.00
Russ Heman$1.29$9.50
Dave Hillman$1.25$14.99
Glen Hobbie$0.79$19.95
Eddie Kasko$0.05$20.00
Russ Kemmerer$0.99$7.61
Marty Keough$1.34$15.00
Jim Landis$1.25$40.00
Hobie Landrith$1.31$15.00
Vern Law$3.99$4.00
Bob Lillis$2.25$12.00
Hector Lopez$3.95$6.99
Sal Maglie$5.00$30.00
Frank Malzone$2.00$9.99
Lindy McDaniel$3.99$6.99
Billy Moran$0.99$15.00
Don Mossi$0.50$15.00
Irv Noren$1.29$19.99
Milt Pappas$6.99$6.99
Don Pavletich$3.25$7.50
Taylor Phillips$1.99$6.39
Billy Pierce$2.25$22.00
Joe Pignatano$0.99$10.00
Bill Renna$0.98$6.39
Jim Rivera$1.29$49.00
Robin Roberts$20.00$100.00
Bob Rush$0.99$12.99
Hank Sauer$2.00$25.00
Red Schoendienst$8.50$8.50
Bobby Shantz$2.50$27.95
Roy Sievers$1.00$8.00
Curt Simmons$4.99$6.99
Bob Skinner$0.69$6.99
Enos Slaughter$4.55$15.00
Jerry Staley$0.15$25.00
Frank Thomas$18.50$18.50
Bobby Thomson$4.12$12.99
Mickey Vernon$1.99$24.99
Sammy White$14.99$25.99
Hoyt Wilhelm$4.69$99.99
Stan Williams$3.26$19.99
Eddie Yost$0.99$19.00
Gus Zernial$1.36$8.99