1960 Topps Baseball cards

This is a list of all 1960 Topps Baseball cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1960 Topps Baseball cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
Ken Aspromonte$0.99$23.00
Earl Averill$0.65$25.39
Frank Baumann$0.99$15.00
Julio Becquer$0.99$20.00
Gary Bell$0.99$7.12
Ted Bowsfield$0.99$17.95
Rocky Bridges$0.99$10.00
Jim Brosnan$2.99$15.00
Hal Brown$0.99$9.99
Pete Burnside$1.98$11.50
Art Ceccarelli$0.99$29.99
Nelson Chittum$1.25$12.00
Tex Clevenger$0.99$15.00
Rocky Colavito$6.05$146.78
Gordy Coleman$1.55$19.99
George Crowe$4.75$44.99
Joe Cunningham$0.99$35.00
Bobby Del Greco$1.99$12.50
Ike Delock$0.99$15.00
Don Demeter$0.99$29.99
Jim Donohue$0.99$16.19
Chuck Essegian$0.99$11.57
Chuck Estrada$0.99$19.99
Roy Face$0.99$63.09
Bill Fischer$0.99$9.99
Eddie Fisher$0.99$29.99
Ed FitzGerald$0.99$14.36
Paul Foytack$0.99$9.99
Bob Friend$1.99$19.95
Billy Gardner$0.99$6.99
Ned Garver$5.50$8.99
Dick Gernert$0.99$10.00
Alex Grammas$0.99$9.99
Lenny Green$1.04$23.00
Dick Groat$0.99$55.00
Johnny Groth$0.99$20.00
Ronnie Hansen$0.99$18.40
Ron Hansen$1.85$14.99
Gail Harris$0.99$15.00
Jack Harshman$0.99$44.00
Solly Hemus$0.99$21.00
Ray Herbert$0.99$14.99
Ed Hobaugh$0.99$6.00
Glen Hobbie$0.99$19.95
Billy Hoeft$1.76$16.95
Jay Hook$0.99$11.57
Eddie Kasko$0.99$19.99
Jerry Kindall$2.23$19.95
Lou Klimchock$0.79$16.19
Johnny Kucks$0.79$23.00
Cookie Lavagetto$6.79$34.00
Brooks Lawrence$3.25$36.00
Don Lee$0.99$9.99
Ted Lepcio$0.99$11.57
Bob Lillis$0.99$19.99
Bobby Locke$0.99$15.00
Al Lopez$5.99$40.50
Jerry Lumpe$0.99$39.99
Frank Malzone$1.99$49.99
Jim Marshall$0.99$19.99
Ken McBride$0.99$9.49
Gil McDougald$4.99$29.50
Roy McMillan$2.25$21.52
Minnie Minoso$9.55$100.00
Joe Morgan$0.99$17.95
Hal Naragon$0.99$15.00
Ray Narleski$0.99$9.99
Irv Noren$0.99$24.99
Don Nottebart$2.30$9.99
Bob Oldis$1.04$17.95
Claude Osteen$0.99$11.99
Taylor Phillips$0.99$16.77
Billy Pierce$1.99$59.99
Jim Piersall$1.25$13.95
Bobby Richardson$0.99$70.37
Bill Rigney$2.26$410.00
Jim Rivera$0.99$20.00
Brooks Robinson$15.99$250.00
Red Schoendienst$9.99$39.00
Herb Score$3.49$29.00
Ray Semproch$0.79$11.57
Bobby Shantz$0.99$11.61
Joe Shipley$0.99$49.95
Bill Short$0.99$14.99
Roy Sievers$0.99$29.95
Daryl Spencer$0.99$9.00
Frank Sullivan$0.99$12.00
Wayne Terwilliger$1.99$15.00
Ted Wieand$0.99$14.00
Stan Williams$0.99$14.99