1962 Topps Baseball cards

This is a list of all 1962 Topps Baseball cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1962 Topps Baseball cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
Earl Averill$0.99$15.96
Joe Azcue$1.84$7.99
John Blanchard$3.25$29.99
Larry Burright$1.79$23.00
Ty Cline$0.99$11.99
Tony Cloninger$1.99$29.99
Gordy Coleman$8.50$25.99
Chuck Cottier$0.99$12.50
Del Crandall$0.99$12.99
Joe Cunningham$0.99$8.00
Ike Delock$0.99$6.00
Bob Duliba$0.99$6.99
Don Elston$3.61$9.99
Tom Haller$1.49$15.51
Ron Hansen$0.00$0.00
Chuck Hinton$0.99$8.49
Billy Hitchcock$1.50$24.95
Ralph Houk$2.11$30.00
Jim Kaat$5.50$7.05
Jerry Kindall$0.99$6.00
Jim King$0.99$5.50
Harvey Kuenn$5.99$38.00
Jerry Lumpe$0.99$9.99
Jerry Lynch$2.30$12.95
Dick McAuliffe$6.51$25.00
Ken McBride$0.99$23.00
Don Mossi$0.99$29.85
Billy O'Dell$0.99$10.00
Milt Pappas$10.00$10.00
Gaylord Perry$21.01$76.49
Ray Rippelmeyer$0.99$4.85
Mike Roarke$1.04$14.99
Brooks Robinson$0.00$0.00
John Roseboro$2.25$59.00
Norm Siebern$1.50$8.99
Hal Smith$1.25$19.99
Al Smith$1.99$10.50
Russ Snyder$1.10$6.00
Lee Stange$1.04$9.00
Jerry Walker$0.99$4.00
Eddie Yost$0.70$19.95