1966 Topps Baseball cards

This is a list of all 1966 Topps Baseball cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1966 Topps Baseball cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
Gerry Arrigo$2.26$7.00
Jim Bunning$12.50$13.50
John Buzhardt$0.99$8.99
Wayne Causey$0.99$2.82
Horace Clarke$7.10$200.00
Del Crandall$0.00$0.00
Jim Davenport$1.40$6.99
Al Downing$1.99$4.00
Terry Fox$1.25$9.99
Aubrey Gatewood$6.99$6.99
Jake Gibbs$0.05$10.00
Jim Grant$4.00$10.00
Steve Hamilton$8.50$20.00
Ron Hansen$0.00$0.00
Ray Herbert$0.99$5.00
Billy Herman$1.99$39.99
Chuck Hinton$0.99$34.99
Willie Horton$0.99$14.95
Al Kaline$0.00$0.00
Ed Kirkpatrick$5.50$9.99
Ron Kline$5.51$12.99
Johnny Klippstein$3.26$15.50
Sandy Koufax$22.50$325.00
Ed Kranepool$0.00$0.00
Bob Locker$0.99$26.00
Roger Maris$249.00$499.00
Tim McCarver$0.99$21.50
Roy McMillan$3.26$15.50
Ken McMullen$0.99$3.99
Don Mincher$2.76$10.00
Bill Monbouquette$1.04$7.99
Don Mossi$0.99$14.99
Manny Mota$5.59$6.99
Mel Nelson$0.99$12.00
Billy O'Dell$0.99$13.00
Orlando Pena$0.59$12.50
Gary Peters$1.89$6.50
Johnny Podres$8.51$8.51
Bob Priddy$5.55$27.00
Pedro Ramos$7.95$29.99
Pete Rose$46.00$95.00
Tom Satriano$0.99$4.00
Don Schwall$0.99$7.00
Bill Skowron$0.36$29.00
Lee Stange$0.99$6.00
Jerry Stephenson$2.75$3.50
Wes Westrum$1.99$14.99
Bill White$2.30$23.50
Jake Wood$2.00$6.99