1969 Topps Baseball cards

This is a list of all 1969 Topps Baseball cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1969 Topps Baseball cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
Gene Alley$0.99$8.99
Jesus Alou$1.99$24.00
Ken Berry$0.99$5.99
Dick Bosman$0.99$8.05
Ken Boyer$16.10$124.99
Buddy Bradford$0.99$7.00
Ron Brand$0.99$6.00
Gates Brown$0.99$7.00
Wally Bunker$0.99$5.99
Bert Campaneris$3.00$12.00
Jim Campanis$0.99$19.99
Clay Carroll$1.26$21.51
Galen Cisco$0.99$7.00
Ty Cline$0.88$8.00
Larry Dierker$0.99$9.99
Roy Face$5.99$7.00
Joe Gibbon$0.99$4.99
Jake Gibbs$0.05$24.99
Ken Harrelson$0.99$34.99
Billy Harris$0.99$7.99
Mike Hedlund$0.99$1.99
Mike Hershberger$2.14$10.00
Jack Hiatt$0.99$7.99
Willie Horton$0.99$24.95
Ralph Houk$3.24$9.99
Reggie Jackson$20.65$299.99
Al Kaline$8.00$49.00
Joe Keough$1.99$16.99
Clyde King$0.99$29.99
Andy Kosco$0.99$6.25
Lew Krausse$0.99$8.00
Bob Locker$0.99$89.99
Sparky Lyle$0.99$42.99
Dal Maxvill$0.99$14.99
Denny McLain$2.99$39.99
Ken McMullen$0.99$12.00
Dave McNally$16.01$77.00
Bill Monbouquette$0.99$5.82
Dave Morehead$0.99$19.99
Roger Nelson$3.10$12.99
Dave Nicholson$0.99$24.99
Phil Ortega$18.01$49.00
Milt Pappas$0.00$0.00
Don Pavletich$0.99$14.99
Jim Perry$1.30$6.99
Gary Peters$0.00$0.00
Juan Pizarro$0.99$9.00
Frank Quilici$1.04$4.44
Tom Reynolds$0.99$12.99
Dennis Ribant$0.99$4.99
Bill Robinson$3.25$29.99
Jose Santiago$1.99$10.00
Paul Schaal$1.56$5.99
Bob Skinner$0.99$14.99
Jerry Stephenson$0.99$19.96
Ron Swoboda$1.54$24.99
George Thomas$0.99$5.00
Luis Tiant$9.99$99.95
Gary Wagner$0.99$1.66
Pete Ward$0.99$12.00
Jon Warden$0.99$15.00
Bob Watson$2.25$15.01
Walt Williams$0.99$19.99
Wilbur Wood$3.84$23.50
Carl Yastrzemski$84.99$84.99