1974 Topps Baseball cards

This is a list of all 1974 Topps Baseball cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1974 Topps Baseball cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
Cy Acosta$14.99$16.59
Bill Almon$0.00$0.00
Sandy Alomar$0.99$13.25
Mike Anderson$1.99$4.99
Paul Blair$1.32$3.96
Hal Breeden$0.99$5.00
Lou Brock$5.53$24.99
Jose Cardenal$0.99$19.99
Dave Cash$0.99$14.99
Chris Chambliss$2.24$2.24
Bob Coluccio$0.99$1.75
Jim Crawford$1.55$45.00
Mike Cuellar$2.75$34.99
Boots Day$0.99$6.50
Carlton Fisk$9.99$89.88
Bobby Floyd$0.99$3.24
Terry Forster$0.99$11.01
Jim Fregosi$0.99$22.72
Gene Garber$0.99$19.95
Ross Grimsley$0.99$7.99
Dave Hamilton$7.00$20.00
Jackie Hernandez$2.00$11.99
Ken Holtzman$3.00$23.49
Willie Horton$0.99$13.50
Fergie Jenkins$3.25$5.50
Alex Johnson$2.49$9.99
Ted Kubiak$0.99$19.99
Gary Matthews$2.25$7.38
Ernie McAnally$0.50$3.99
Denis Menke$0.99$3.15
Rudy Meoli$0.00$0.00
Bob Montgomery$0.99$5.99
Carl Morton$14.99$14.99
Dave Nelson$0.99$9.00
Fred Norman$4.00$20.50
Jim Palmer$14.00$39.99
Milt Pappas$0.99$24.99
Tony Perez$6.50$19.00
Marty Perez$1.55$5.51
Pete Richert$0.99$2.24
Brooks Robinson$2.49$39.99
Ron Santo$22.99$195.00
Fred Scherman$0.99$4.99
Ron Schueler$0.99$14.95
Sonny Siebert$0.99$5.99
Jim Spencer$2.02$15.00
Charlie Spikes$0.99$1.84
Bill Stoneman$0.99$7.99
Gary Sutherland$0.65$3.40
George Theodore$0.99$17.95
Gary Thomasson$0.99$6.95
Luis Tiant$2.88$22.50
Rich Troedson$3.00$6.99
Dave Winfield$18.21$169.99
Clyde Wright$0.65$14.99