1974 Topps Basketball cards

This is a list of all 1974 Topps Basketball cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1974 Topps Basketball cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
Jim Barnett$8.00$12.00
Rick Barry$4.99$195.95
Ron Behagen$1.04$9.99
John Block$1.89$10.00
Fred Carter$0.99$0.99
Phil Chenier$7.99$12.00
Jim Chones$0.99$10.99
Jim Cleamons$2.99$15.00
Glen Combs$0.99$9.99
Randy Denton$0.99$20.00
Jim Eakins$0.99$4.83
Keith Erickson$0.99$10.00
Jim Fox$1.49$10.00
Mike Gale$2.10$9.00
Spencer Haywood$5.99$29.99
Lou Hudson$13.96$39.99
George Irvine$5.61$11.99
Dan Issel$3.27$225.00
Larry Jones$1.99$9.95
Rich Jones$9.95$12.00
Steve Jones$0.00$0.00
James Jones$0.00$0.00
George Karl$5.80$145.00
Steve Kuberski$4.49$12.00
Sam Lacey$4.49$99.99
Bob Lanier$7.99$74.99
Don May$0.99$14.00
Bob McAdoo$1.05$99.99
Cliff Meely$10.00$10.00
Gary Melchionni$2.89$22.99
John Mengelt$0.99$10.00
Swen Nater$2.99$69.99
Jimmy O'Brien$2.99$14.99
Billy Paultz$13.96$13.96
Curtis Perry$14.99$14.99
Cincy Powell$59.00$59.00
Jim Price$0.00$0.00
Pat Riley$3.56$103.50
Dave Robisch$0.99$12.00
John Roche$2.84$10.00
Curtis Rowe$4.15$59.99
Paul Silas$2.99$22.50
Don Smith$10.00$29.49
Dick Snyder$1.99$29.49
Brian Taylor$8.99$14.99
Rudy Tomjanovich$1.39$59.99
George Trapp$9.99$9.99
Bill Walton$6.00$1195.00
Paul Westphal$8.00$57.21
Nate Williams$36.99$36.99
Lee Winfield$5.01$25.00
Willie Wise$57.88$57.88
Dave Wohl$1.49$12.00