1989 Topps cards

This is a list of all 1989 Topps cards that we have tracked so far. For each name you will find the lowest and highest price this card was sold for in the past. Click here to see more 1989 Topps cards for sale.

PictureNameMin PriceMax Price
Jim Abbott$0.99$54.99
Ken Caminiti$6.05$62.00
Cris Carpenter$0.50$4.77
Steve Curry$0.99$6.99
Doug Dascenzo$0.99$3.41
Bobby Doerr$0.00$0.00
Bruce Fields$0.99$3.00
Gene Garber$0.00$0.00
Ken Griffey, Jr.$45.00$399.00
Jose Guzman$3.76$8.50
Brian Harper$0.99$21.99
Tom Henke$1.99$34.55
Shawn Hillegas$0.99$5.99
Doug Jennings$0.99$2.24
Ricky Jordan$0.99$2.28
Jim Lindeman$1.55$2.00
Bill Long$0.00$0.00
Barry Lyons$0.99$14.50
Don Mattingly$0.99$39.99
Otis Nixon$0.99$9.99
Alejandro Pena$1.55$8.49
Dan Plesac$0.99$2.00
Joe Price$1.25$2.71
Ryne Sandberg$12.77$25.00
Larry Sheets$1.04$4.51
Gary Sheffield$0.99$69.99
Bill Swift$0.99$1.99
Pat Tabler$1.94$2.81
Jim Walewander$0.99$3.14
David Wells$0.99$45.00