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Clinton Eastwood Jr. (born May 31, 1930) is an American actor, filmmaker, musician, and political figure. After achieving success in the Western TV series Rawhide, he rose to international fame with his role as the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy of spaghetti Westerns during the 1960s, and as antihero cop Harry Callahan in the five Dirty Harry films throughout the 1970s and 1980s. These roles, among others, have made Eastwood an enduring cultural icon of masculinity. More about Clint Eastwood

The most expensive item with a signature of Clint Eastwood (CLINT EASTWOOD SIGNED BASEBALL BECKETT ENCAPSULATED GRADE 8 BAS COA DIRTY HARRY) was sold on eBay in September 2017 for $1999.99 while the cheapest item (CLINT EASTWOOD, LEGENDARY ACTOR/DIRECTOR SIGNED 5 & 1/2 X 8 1/2 PUBLICITY PHOTO) found a new owner for $5.49 in March 2018. The month with the most items sold (41) was December 2017 with an average selling price of $156.27 for an autographed item of Clint Eastwood. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in December 2012 with $355.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $9.33 was November 2012. In average, an autographed item from Clint Eastwood is worth $42.08.

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CLINT EASTWOOD -- authentic hand signed photo autograph w/ COA (Dirty Harry)$78.00
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Clint Eastwood eyeing Dicaprio for police bomber drama (04/01/15): Leonardo DiCaprio may lead a film about a police officer suspected of planting a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

Clint Eastwood circling Richard Jewell project (04/01/15): After American Sniper earned six Oscar nominations and became the biggest box-office hit of 2014, Clint Eastwood can basically make any movie he chooses. Deadline reported that heâs contemplating reuniting with Leonardo DiCaprio for a movie about suspected-terrorist-turned-hero Richard...

Clint Eastwood Eyeing Dicaprio Reunion (04/01/15): American Sniper Director Clint Eastwood Is In Talks To Reunite With Leonardo Dicaprio In A New Movie About The Georgia Police Officer Suspected Of Planting A Bomb At The Atlanta Olympics In 1996.

Clint Eastwood Circling Director’s Seat for Richard Jewell Biopic (04/01/15): The true story of exonerated Olympic bombing suspect Richard Jewell will star Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio The post Clint Eastwood Circling Director’s Seat for Richard Jewell Biopic appeared first on .

Clint Eastwood interested in directing Richard Jewell biopic with Jonah Hill (04/01/15): Clint Eastwood never takes a break, so it has been a bit surprising that we haven’t heard what his follow-up to American Sniper will be. read more

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Clint Eastwood circling Richard Jewell project (04/2015): After American Sniper earned six Oscar nominations and became the biggest box-office hit of 2014, Clint Eastwood can basically make any movie he chooses. Deadline reported that heâs contemplating reuniting with Leonardo DiCaprio for a movie about suspected-terrorist-turned-hero Richard...

Clint Eastwood advised me to 'be a man', reveals son Scott (03/2015): New York, Mar 23 (ANI): Scott Eastwood has revealed that his father Clint Eastwood never pushed him into the acting industry, but always advised him to "be a man" every step of the way. During an interview with Treats! Magazine, the 29-year old 'Fury' star disclosed that his father didn't care whether he would become a plumber or actor, but advised him to be "humble", "work hard" and "be a man ...

What our Margot did to annoy Clint Eastwood (02/2015): RISING star Margot Robbie reveals she did something at the Oscars that had Clint Eastwood shooting her daggers - but we reckon it’s something any Queensland girl would do.

Michael Moore: Clint Eastwood Once Threatened to Kill Me (01/2015): Does this explain why Michael Moore has been so critical of American Sniper ? In a long Facebook post Thursday night, the filmmaker recounted the time 10 years ago this month that Clint Eastwood allegedly threatened to kill him.

Review: In American Sniper, Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper Are Right on Target (12/2014): The 84-year-old director and his beefed-up star are the prime attractions in this romanticized biopic that succeeds as a grim, smart war movie

American Sniper review: Clint Eastwood’s heartfelt salute to US muscle in Iraq (11/2014): Unconcerned with the wider facts, this gripping but incurious film of the ‘Devil of Ramadi’ decides to print the legend instead • Watch the trailer for American Sniper Chris Kyle was the deadliest sniper in US military history, responsible for 160 confirmed kills during four tours of duty. Insurgents in Iraq called him the Devil of Ramadi, a monster in the shadows to be hated and feared ...

'American Sniper' movie trailer, starring Bradley Cooper and directed by Clint Eastwood (10/2014): Scheduled for wide release in January, 2015

Emma Thompson Talks Clint Eastwood, Billy Wilder, Gender Differences (09/2014): At a BAFTA event, she explains how she uses a yoga mat and vacuum cleaner when writing and says jokes reflect our "orgasmic nature" read more

Part of Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" Larkspur train trestle removed for new bridge (08/2014): Part of an old railroad trestle — famously used for the 1971 movie "Dirty Harry" — is being removed this week as a new pedestrian overpass is built across busy Sir Francis Drake Boulevard near the Larkspur Ferry Terminal.

Working late in life, directors like Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood refuse to say 'cut' (07/2014): Visiting a retired Frank Capra at his Sierra Nevada hideaway, Clint Eastwood was baffled. Here's the great Frank Capra not doing it,'" Eastwood recalled of the famed director, who died in 1991 at 94, three decades after his last film. Eastwood, who at 84 just released the musical "Jersey Boys" and wrapped shooting on the Navy SEAL drama "American Sniper," isn't the only filmmaker blowing past ...

Jersey Boys director Clint Eastwood still going strong (06/2014): Clint Eastwood has never much liked birthdays. Ever since he was a young man, he has made a point of not celebrating his own. "The worst thing you can do is sing Happy Birthday, a bunch of people with bad voices," he says. "Every day can be exciting. It doesn't have to have cakes and a bunch of people pretending they give a shit." So on the day he turned 84, he started shooting a movie.

Celebrity Birthdays, May 31: Clint Eastwood and Waka Flocka Flame (05/2014): Actor Clint Eastwood and rapper Waka Flocka Flame are celebrating their birthdays today. Clint Eastwood, 84 read more

Clint Eastwood's son Scott saddles up for Nicholas Sparks adaptation (04/2014): Scott Eastwood may have inherited his father Clint's good looks, but what about his acting talent?

Warner Brothers fires shot in battle over Clint Eastwood baseball film (03/2014): Studio rejects allegations about 2012 film Trouble with the Curve, while star Eastwood is credited with saving a life at a golf tournament Rory Carroll

Manager of Clint Eastwood's golf club accused of embezzling (02/2014): CARMEL, Calif. - Authorities say an employee of a central California golf club owned by Clint Eastwood has been arrested on suspicion of embezzling company funds.

'Jersey Boys' producer says Clint Eastwood was perfect choice as director (01/2014): Washington, January 5 (ANI): Producer of 'Jersey Boys', Graham King, has said that he knew right away that Clint Eastwood was the perfect guy to direct the show.

Michigan House Envy: Clint Eastwood's 'Gran Torino' was filmed at this Windmill Pointe mansion (12/2013): This 12,000-square-foot Windmill Pointe mansion looks like a vintage 1920s Tudor - enough so that it has been used in two movies - Clint Eastwood's 'Gran Torino' and Cuba Gooding Jr.'s 'Gifted Hands.' But it was actually built in 1996, after its predecessor, a lovingly restored 1929 Tudor on Lake St. Clair, burned down.

Clint Eastwood's daughter married Jonah Hill's brother on "a whim" because she's "an adrenaline junkie." (11/2013): Dina Eastwood claims her stepdaughter, Francesca Eastwood, who is having her recent marriage to Jonah's older sibling, Jordan Feldstein, annulled following their nuptials in Las Vegas on November 17, admits she was furious when she found out about the impromptu wedding but dismissed rumours it was a publicity stunt.

Prosecutor quotes Clint Eastwood; Boulis jury deliberates (10/2013): After hearing three weeks of wild testimony, the jury in the Gus Boulis murder trial is deliberating the fate of one of his alleged killers.

Clint Eastwood's 'acting-loving' son wants to make it big in Hollywood (09/2013): New York, Sept 25 : Scott Eastwood has revealed that he likes being "under the radar", and the reason he has entered the business is because he "likes acting" and wants to make movies.

Clint Eastwood splits from second wife (08/2013): August 31, 2013 6:48 AM LOS ANGELES, California (AFP) - Veteran Hollywood actor-director Clint Eastwood and his wife Dina have separated after 17 years of marriage, People magazine reported on Friday.        

Christopher Walken said to join Clint Eastwood's 'Jersey Boys' (07/2013): Christopher Walken, having already proved that he can sing (in the movie "Hairspray") and dance (in Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" music video), reportedly has been cast in Clint Eastwood's big-screen version of the Broadway musical "Jersey Boys."        

Clint Eastwood: 40 Film Collection DVD Set Review (06/2013): There’s not much you can say about Clint Eastwood that has not already been said before.  He is one of the last of a dying breed of Hollywood royalty.  He’s a bigger than life actor who dominated at the box office for years with memorable characters like the mysterious “man with no name” in a trilogy of Spaghetti Westerns; San Francisco Cop Dirty Harry Callahan; Trucker and hard-fighting brawler ...

Clint Eastwood through the years (05/2013): Feeling lucky? Well, then make your day by revisiting the career of Clint Eastwood, who turns 83 on Friday, from no-name gunslinger and loose-cannon cop to Oscar-winning filmmaker.

Clint Eastwood seeks protection from 'attempted murderer' claiming to be his son (04/2013): Washington, May.1 (ANI): Clint Eastwood went to a California court and asked for protection from a home invader - claiming to be his long lost son - who stormed his Monterey, California, gated mansion.

Clint Eastwood Rumoured For Jersey Boys (03/2013): He may tackle the musical For a man who hasn’t made a film so directly involving and influenced by music for years, Clint Eastwood certainly seems to be a in a tuneful mood of late. He’s been trying to get a new version of A Star Is Born on its feet for a couple of years now, and with that film still stalled due to casting issues, word is he may be considering the Jersey Boys musical instead ...

Clint Eastwood Joins Republicans for Gay Marriage, Highlighting Growing GOP Rift (02/2013): Moderate Republicans Fighting for a Stake in the GOP

Clint Eastwood's Obama chair kept in RNC office in Washington D.C. (01/2013): The infamous empty chair that Clint Eastwood addressed in his imaginary conversation with President Obama at the 2012 Republican National Convention did not simply get discarded or put away like so many other chairs.

Clint Eastwood’s son says ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ is ‘not cheesy’ (12/2012): Scott Eastwood didn’t inherit the trademark smirk of his father, Old Squinty Eyes. But he did get his sense of humor. “Maybe we should tell people it’s a comedy,” he says his film “Texas Chainsaw 3D,” opening Thursday night. Eastwood, 26, is the son of icon Clint and flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. His credits include small roles in his father’s films including “Flags of Our Fathers,” “Gran ...

Clint Eastwood's daughter named Miss Golden Globe (11/2012): LOS ANGELES ( - Hooray for nepotism. One of Clint Eastwood's daughters, Francesca Eastwood, has been named Miss Golden Globe for this January's awards show. She joins a long list of celebrity offspring including Rumer Willis (Demi Moore and Bruce's little girl) and Lorraine Nicholson (the apple of Jack's eye) in receiving the honor. Other past Miss Gold Globes include Melanie ...

Clint Eastwood's got a new ad, and a consistency problem (10/2012): If you saw “Trouble With the Curve," you know Clint Eastwood can play flinty American authenticity as well as ever. When it comes to political messaging, though, he’s got problems.

Clint Eastwood Scores A Hit With 'Trouble With the Curve' (09/2012): The latest baseball movie, Clint Eastwood?s ?Trouble With the Curve? is the antithesis of last year?s Oscar-nominated ?Moneyball? in that it advocates the old-fashioned scouting techniques of first-hand observation and stopwatches rather than the computerized sabermetrics widely employed today. Eastwood plays a long-time scout for the Atlanta Braves who is losing his eyesight. With his contract ...

Clint Eastwood didn't exactly make Team Romney's day (08/2012): The actor's empty-chair routine at the Republican convention gets decidedly mixed reviews, and even Obama pokes fun at it. TAMPA, Fla. — The idea must have seemed sure-fire when Mitt Romney's advisors hatched it: Highlight the final night of the Republican National Convention with a surprise appearance by that long, tall drink of gritty Americana, Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood not done acting, set to star in 'Trouble with the Curve' (07/2012): Clint Eastwood to return to the big screen opposite Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams in 'Trouble with the Curve.'

Clint Eastwood's wife Dina Ruiz reveals why she talked him into doing a reality TV show (06/2012): As no-nonsense San Francisco cop Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry movies and the cheroot-smoking Man With No Name in A Fistful Of Dollars, Clint Eastwood has always been used to getting his own way.

170 quotes for Clint Eastwood's 82nd birthday (05/2012): Even in his ninth decade, we'd be wary of Clint Eastwood 's ass-kicking ability. Here are some choice words from 48 of his movies (and Rawhide ) to mark the day.

Clint Eastwood sues furniture makers for using his name (04/2012): Robert Kirchgassner Legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood has sued a furniture company for using his name. Clint Eastwood at the LACMA Art and Film Gala. (Los Angeles, CA) read more

Will Tom Cruise Work with Clint Eastwood? 3 Actors the Director Should Pick Next (03/2012): We might know Tom Cruise from not so serious films like "Risky Business" and "Mission Impossible" but it's possible the star might be getting a second look for a more dramatic role from legendary Hollywood director Clint Eastwood for his upcoming movie, "A Star is Born," a remake from the 1937 classic film.

Tales From Development Hell: Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Batman: Year One’ Starring Clint Eastwood (02/2012): Titan Books has provided /Film with an exclusive excerpt from David Hughes‘ upcoming book Tales From Development Hell: The Greatest Movies Never Made? I’ve had a preview copy of the new updated edition and have been enjoying it thoroughly. There is some truly great and frustrating stories within — including the big screen adaptation of [...]

Clint Eastwood is Making a Justin Timberlake Movie (01/2012): Justin Timberlake is in talks to join Warner Bros.' Trouble with the Curve alongside Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams.

Clint Eastwood Finally Gets a Reality Show (12/2011): The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Clint Eastwood signs up for something strange, Reese Witherspoon heads to West Memphis, and Tim and Eric have a trailer. Related: Want to Watch 50 Hours of Mindless YouTube Video?

Clint Eastwood’s Dishonest ‘J. Edgar’ (11/2011): In the movie J. Edgar, director Clint Eastwood glosses over the long train of abuses committed by the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover so there’s more time for a psychological profile. But James DiEugenio says that leaves a dishonest impression of this violator of American rights.

Sandra Bullock in Clint Eastwood movie? Javier Bardem in 'Bond' movie? Brad Pitt movie in deep doo-doo? (10/2011): A regular rundown of recent Hollywood headlines

Leonardo Di Caprio in the First Trailer for Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar (09/2011): Leonardo DiCaprio. Clint Eastwood. J. Edgar. Is it Oscar time already? That’s the vibe coming off of Eastwood’s latest, which just had its trailer release. It fits a lot of bio-pic formulas, with Judi Dench playing his mother, and Armie Hammer playing his possible lover. Once revered as a feared lawman, now seen as corrupt [...]

Why Clint Eastwood's Approval of Beyonce's Pregnancy Matters (08/2011): Beyonce Knowles unveiled a secret that has the power to transform the movie business at the Video Music Awards. The mere revelation of the baby bump on Beyonce's belly isn't enough to stir up chatter; there must be something more. What will Clint Eastwood say!

Clint Eastwood's Golf Course Was The Perfect Wedding Setting (07/2011): Follow CT Lifestyle & Entertainment News On The Courant's Features Buzz Facebook Page A lot of people have asked me why Jamie and I chose to get married in northern California. I just tell them it's one of those places you take with you after one visit. The wedding was at the Tehama Golf Club in Carmel, and I remember my first visit there.

Casting Bits: Clint Eastwood Wants Leonardo DiCaprio for ‘A Star is Born’, Haley Joel Osment Will ‘Wake the Dead ... (06/2011): [1] Clint Eastwood cast [2] Beyonce Knowles as the female lead in his A Star is Born remake some time ago, but he's been searching for someone to take on the male lead. Now it's being reported that his top choice for the part is Leonardo DiCaprio, who worked with Eastwood on the biopic J. Edgar. DiCaprio is just the latest of several candidates who have been named for the part over the past ...

Clint Eastwood shoots "J. Edgar" flick in Warrenton (03/2011): Famed Hollywood actor-turned-director Clint Eastwood transformed the town of Warrenton into a classic scene from the 1930s Monday for his new biopic “J. Edgar.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood Begin Filming ‘J. Edgar’ (02/2011): Principal photography has begun on “J. Edgar,” starring Academy Award® nominee Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception, The Departed, Titanic) under the direction of Oscar® winner Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven). A drama that explores the public and private life of one of the most powerful, controversial and enigmatic figures of the 20th century, “J. [...]

Dame Judi Dench always wanted to work with Clint Eastwood (01/2011): Washington, Jan 26 : Dame Judi Dench has revealed that she always wanted to work with Clint Eastwood.

Michael Buble Becomes Justin Bieber, James Dean and Clint Eastwood For Hollywood (12/2010): Michael Buble's new video "Hollywood," shows the singer portraying different characters