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Albert Arnold Gore Jr. (born March 31, 1948) is an American politician, businessman, and environmentalist who served as the 45th vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton. Gore was the Democratic nominee for the 2000 presidential election, losing to George W. Bush in a very close race after a Florida recount. More about Al Gore

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In total, we tracked 734 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

The most expensive item with a signature of Al Gore (Bill Clinton And Al Gore Signed 1996 Gala Poster By Greg Mort) was sold in December 2017 for $500.00 while the cheapest item (AL GORE signed autographed 8x10) found a new owner for $0.95 in March 2012. The month with the most items sold (21) was October 2022 with an average selling price of $20.00 for an autographed item of Al Gore. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in November 2019 with $263.99 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $1.45 was March 2019. In average, an autographed item from Al Gore is worth $15.50.

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thumbnailAl Gore Autographed Picture - former Vice President/Top Voter Getter in 2000$5.14logo
thumbnailAl Gore SIGNED The Assault on Reason 2007 First Edition Hardcover$38.25logo
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Latest News about Al Gore

Sorry, Trump fans: Al Gore was never considered president-elect (11/13/20): As part of an effort to wave away the 2020 results, there's been a claim that Gore was once declared the winner in 2000. He wasn't. Go to news article

Texas town’s environmental narcissism makes Al Gore happy while sticking its cit (01/28/19): Political leaders in a college town in central Texas won wide praise from former Vice President Al Gore and the larger Green Movement when they decided to go “100 percent renewable” seven years ago.

Al Gore and the climate gospel: Mike Lester (03/18/15): Congratulations! Your weather is set to . You can change the location at any time. Don't have an account?

Why Is Al Gore Warming Up? (03/18/15): Al Gore, just like the planet, is getting hotter by the hour these days. There he is in Vox, where Ezra Klein is trying to draft him into the 2016 presidential race.

Should Al Gore consider running against Hillary Clinton? (03/17/15): The arguments for and against a Gore candidacy Go to news article

Older News Stories about Al Gore

Al Gore and the climate gospel: Mike Lester (03/2015): Congratulations! Your weather is set to . You can change the location at any time. Don't have an account?

Space weather satellite conceived by Al Gore to launch Tuesday (02/2015): After Sunday's launch scrub, SpaceX will reattempt to launch a space weather satellite - the brainchild of former vice president Al Gore - on Tuesday.

Pharrell Williams teams up with Al Gore for “Live Earth 2015″ (01/2015): A recording superstar and a former vice president are joining forces to stage a global event for the environment… and some well-known names, including a Fil-Am Oscar winner, will provide special musical numbers at this year’s Academy Awards. Yong Chavez has this story.

Vail Daily column: Re-examining Al Gore and the Internet (12/2014): Some of what I’m writing here is borrowed from Walter Isaacson’s new book, “The Innovators,” a fascinating tome about the people who created computers and the Internet.

Joy Behar Slams Rush Limbaugh, Bill Cosby, Bill O'Reilly and Al Gore in Multiple (11/2014): The former 'The View' host calls Limbaugh a "racist" and Cosby "not funny"

Al Gore lauds, Google, Apple for renewable energy plans (10/2014): The 45th president of the United States advised Dreamforce attendees about the necessities (and business opportunities) presented by the "age of renewables." Go to news article

Here’s for you Al Gore: The convenient truth (09/2014): I ASKED one of my staff to manage one of our radio broadcast and start... Go to news article

Al Gore sues Al Jazeera over $500m Current TV deal (08/2014): Former US Vice President suing for alleged fraud and numerous material breaches of the acquisition

Letter: If Al Gore had won (07/2014): If the U.S. Supreme Court had not stopped Florida's vote count in 2000, Al Gore would have been president. Gore had the majority of popular votes and, with Florida, would have had the majority of electoral votes. If Gore had been president, the U.S. Go to news article

Column - Al Gore and Clive Palmer’s nice little earner (06/2014): AL Gore, the world’s most famous global warming guru, last week used Australia to trash what’s…

MVPee Unzips the Curtain To Unveil Their Latest Political Urinal Screen Featurin (05/2014):'s new funny custom urinal screen features Al Gore and carbon credits. (PRWeb May 30, 2014) Read the full story at

What Al Gore, Paul Allen Think About Donald Sterling Ban (04/2014): Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned for life from the NBA Tuesday, three days after recordings emerged of Sterling’s racist ramblings with girlfriend V. Stiviano. The recordings sent shockwaves throughout the league, as well as popular culture. Go to news article

Issa asks: Did Al Gore inappropriately lobby Long Beach Transit? (03/2014): Long Beach Transit officials will consider terminating a contract for new buses this week as the entire transaction is being investigated for potential lobbying interference by former Vice President Al Gore. Go to news article

Al Gore brings climate change message to Kansas City (02/2014): Al Gore has been known for his climate change warnings since the 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth. Click to Continue »

Al Gore to speak at Southland tech conference in Nashville (01/2014): In a bid to make the second annual Southland conference the premier technology and startup event in the region, organizers Launch Tennessee and PandoDaily are bringing in national tech leaders, including former Vice President Al Gore, PayPal President David Marcus and Evernote CEO Phil Libin.

U.S. government says Apple’s Tim Cook, Al Gore should face e-book inquiries (12/2013): Apple Inc. faces opposition from the U.S. in its bid to block...

Why is Al Gore skipping Thanksgiving? (11/2013): NEW YORK (KPLR) – Former Vice President Al Gore is skipping the turkey this year. Lionel looks at his dinner...

Al Gore in Oxford visit (10/2013): Former US vice-president Al Gore, right, will give a talk at Oxford University today between 5.30pm and 7pm. Go to news article

Al Gore's gas warning to WA (09/2013): FORMER US vice-president Al Gore said WA should proceed with gas fracking only if the Government could ensure the "strictest possible regulation".

Al Gore hurricane hubbub (08/2013): Gretchen Goldman says Al Gore's reasonable comments on climate change got obscured by a controversy over hurricane categories Go to news article

Pivot Chief Bristles at Comparisons to Al Gore's Current (07/2013): “The difference between Pivot and Current is the difference between a grape and a watermelon,” Pivot president Evan Shapiro said during press tour Friday. read more        

Al Gore Tears Into NSA Defenders: ‘We Don’t Do Dial Groups On The Bill Of Rights (06/2013): Former Vice President Al Gore was quick and vociferous in denouncing the NSA's surveillance programs when they were revealed last week, and he continued his intense critique on Friday. “This in my view violates the Constitution," Gore told the Guardian .

Cat crying for Al Gore (05/2013): This unhappy cat protested his confinement in a cat carrier during a car ride, meowing a series of distress...        

The Young Turks: Did the Supreme Court ruin Al Gore's chance of presidency? (04/2013): Did the Supreme Court ruin Al Gore's chance of presidency? - WATCH VIDEO

Former Vice President Al Gore to attend Dublin summit on hunger (03/2013): Former vice president Al Gore will visit Dublin next month to attend a summit in Dublin on the links between climate change, hunger and poor nutrition.

Hub ad agency Arnold Worldwide is helping Al Gore take on with global warming sk (02/2013): Boston ad agency Arnold Worldwide said it is collaborating with Al Gore's Climate Reality Project to launch Reality Drop, an initiative that is using online game mechanics as it seeks to build an advocacy community that can be mobilized to take on critics of global warming.

Jon Stewart puts Al Gore on the hot seat over selling Current TV to Al Jazeera [ (01/2013): By KATE STANTON, "Daily Show' host Jon Stewart asks Al Gore about his work on climate change, and his lucrative business deal with Al Jazeera. Go to news article

Al Gore Asks Hollywood for More Climate Change Storylines (12/2012): The former vice president and "Inconvenient Truth" face fears global warming is slipping off the radar. read more

Fibbing About His Viewership, Al Gore's Credibility Took Another Beating This We (11/2012): Gore's "reality" is increasingly hard to believe. Go to news article

Al Gore to Lead Current TV's Election Night Coverage (10/2012): Former veep joined by roundtable of anchors in San...

Al Gore visiting NSU's coral reef research center today (09/2012): Former Vice President Al Gore is slated to speak at the opening of Nova Southeastern University's $50 million coral reef research center.

Conservative documentary film '2016: Obama's America' poised to surpass Al Gore' (08/2012): Just a few months ago, distributing “2016: Obama’s America” was problematic for filmmaker and journalist, Dinesh D’Souza. But now, the controversial documentary is blasting through the box office and will expand to 1725 screens across the country this weekend.

Al Gore invokes Kochs in plutocratic fundraising plea for DCCC (07/2012): Al Gore, former vice president and environmentalist jet-setter extraordinaire, released a desperate fundraising plea to help his fellow Nobel Laureate and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Go to news article

Blog: Would Al Gore have won in 2000 had John Roberts been Chief Justice then? (06/2012): With Affordable Care Act ruling, John Roberts changes his legacy From the piece: John Roberts may

Granholm welcomes Al Gore, Van Jones (05/2012): Former Vice President Al Gore joins Jennifer Granholm for a special edition of "The War Room." Along with Van Jones and L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, they break down election-year strategy and discuss getting out the vote. RE-AIRS at MIDNIGHTet/9pt - FIND OUT MORE

Al Gore at Hampshire College: Global warming is real (04/2012): We sometimes see in the comments to EarthSky posts that Al Gore has "refuted" his claims about global warming. He has not.

Former Al Gore press secretary slams plans to honor Che Guevara (03/2012): Writing on the website , Haas has criticised the proposal to hold a festival commemorating Guevara in the County Clare resort of Kilkee.

James O’Keefe files libel lawsuit against Keith Olbermann, David Shuster, Al Gor (02/2012): Conservative videographer James O’Keefe has filed a lawsuit against Al Gore’s Current TV and anchors Keith Olbermann and David Shuster, alleging they libeled him.

Milbank: Mitt Romney's wrestling with an Al Gore problem (01/2012): Following Mitt Romney on the campaign trail is a painful yet familiar experience.

Sounds Like Keith Olbermann Is Already On The Outs With Al Gore's Current TV (12/2011): That was fast. Go to news article

Al Gore in Seattle for Jay Inslee fundraiser (11/2011): McKenna's supporters, meanwhile, attended a packed fundraiser in Bellevue. SEATTLE -- With the 2011 election at an end, the 2012 battle for governor moved quickly into the political spotlight. Go to news article

Mitt Romney as Regular Joe? Lessons from the Al Gore campaign (10/2011): Lessons for the Mitt Romney campaign from Al Gore?

Al Gore champions Scotland's energy ambitions (09/2011): Global climate change campaigner and former US vice president Al Gore took the Scottish renewables business community by storm today, declaring his admiration for the country's drive and commitment to the industry. Go to news article

911 call released after man in Al Gore mask robs bank (08/2011): COLDWATER, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Police in Coldwater are working to find a masked bank robber.

Al Gore likens Tea Partiers who doubt seriousness of debt debate to climate chan (07/2011): Former VP warns against letting "ideological extremists" take control of debt debate, says doubts over consequences similar to climate change skepticism

Why Al Gore Is A Failure: Part Deux (06/2011): That Al Gore’s definitive statement on the crisis of the climate change movement appeared in the back pages of Rolling Stone magazine rather than in a more prominent and prestigious location is one sign of the decline in his reputation. Go to news article

Al Gore delivers Hamilton College commencement address (05/2011): Former Vice President Al Gore told graduates this morning to take what they’ve learned at Hamilton College and use it to improve the world. Go to news article

Brent Budowsky: Al Gore and Keith Olbermann: A Moment of Truth for Cable News (04/2011): Keith Olbermann has expressed concern about the influence of corporate ownership of news media. Until Al Gore entered the picture it was impossible to fully quantify the impact of corporate ownership of news. With his new show, we'll finally see.

Al Gore update: He will write a book (03/2011): Joe Lieberman's running mate from 2000 wants to write a book on the integration of radically new technologies to the planet-changing impact of the climate crisis.

Senate Democrats eye the lockbox for Social Security, in Al Gore revival (02/2011): Senate Democrats want to insulate it from a broader budget-cutting package designed to reduce the national deficit. Read more...

I wonder how many times Al Gore’s been stung (01/2011): It’s like taking candy from a baby, since no one is more dedicated to conferences in nice places than is the modern global warming scientist,…

How Al Gore (12/2010): A reminiscence with a point to it regarding Net Neutrality.