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Harry S. Truman (May 8, 1884 – December 26, 1972) was the 33rd president of the United States from 1945 to 1953, succeeding upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt after serving as vice president. He implemented the Marshall Plan to rebuild the economy of Western Europe, and established the Truman Doctrine and NATO. More about Harry Truman

The most expensive item with a signature of Harry Truman (Harry Truman 2x signed car registration for 1951 Lincoln for daughter Margaret) was sold on eBay in June 2013 for $2600.00 while the cheapest item (Mrs. HARRY TRUMAN Secretary Signed 1947 White House Lt) found a new owner for $0.99 in March 2011. The month with the most items sold (17) was November 2014 with an average selling price of $50.00 for an autographed item of Harry Truman. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in June 2016 with $850.00 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $0.99 was December 2008. In average, an autographed item from Harry Truman is worth $92.51.

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thumbnailHarry Truman signed letter 1948 to Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association$750.00logo
thumbnailHarry Truman Signed Menu Potsdam Conference USS Augusta 1945 Autograph Display$1875.00logo
thumbnailMargaret Truman D.2008 Soprano Daughter of Harry Truman Signed Typed Note$288.99logo
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thumbnail1970, President Harry Truman, hand signed card, Independence, Missouri$104.50logo
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thumbnailHarry Truman & Jame G. Patton - Signed 8x10 Photograph$255.00logo
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thumbnailHarry Truman Slept Here (1985 1st Edition) - SIGNED by Laura Vernon (Editor)$29.00logo
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Little White House, Key West, Florida, USA: The island retreat of former US pres (03/20/15): Former US president’s holiday retreat reveals a quirky personality with the ability to surprise.

The least productive Congress since Harry Truman? Not this one, though only by a (12/19/14): WASHINGTON — It turns out this Congress did not produce the fewest laws since the days of Harry Truman. But it was pretty darn close.

Library Notes: Veterans, Harry Truman and more (10/30/14): Anyone who has served in the armed forces is welcome to join other veterans and others in sharing events and experiences at 7 p.m. Nov. 3 at Lake Bluff Public Library.

New principal of Harry Truman Middle School in Marrero hails from Georgia (08/14/14): Truman Middle School Principal Tracy Marvin Guillory recently met and greeted a large group of parents and students after leaving Georgia to take the helm at Truman in Marrero.  Guillory said, "The focus for Truman this year is that every...

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Lauren Bacall and Harry Truman's Piano Moment Led to Bigger Things (08/2014): She and husband Humphrey Bogart became political supporters. In the meantime, the piano broke.

Since WWII, Harry Truman Has Lowest Presidential Approval Rating (07/2014): Examining U.S. presidents since World War II, Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport explains that President Harry Truman received the lowest average job approval rating during his presidency, compared with other presidents.

150 YEARS AGO: Harry Truman “killed only people who were traitors,” defender wri (06/2014): ST. LOUIS — Scout Harry Truman’s actions in Chariton County could be viewed as delayed justice for enemies of the government, a writer who signed himself “Northwest” said in a letter published this da Go to news article

The Problem With John Judis's Book About Harry Truman and the Jews (05/2014): Much has been made about John Judis’s history of the Middle East conflict. Jerome Chanes writes that less attention has been paid to the author’s misrepresentations. Click here for the rest of the article... Go to news article

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‘Underdog’ Lhota: Remember Harry Truman in ’48! (11/2013): NEW YORK (PIX11) - Even though his campaign banner, behind the mayoral-looking podium, was the smallest PIX 11 had ever seen at an Election Night party, Joe Lhota–the Republican candidate for New York City Mayor–was making big predictions of an upset.

Fascinating pictures of when the White House was reconstructed entirely from the (10/2013): The mammoth undertaking is detailed like never before in a new book called The Hidden White House: Harry Truman and the Reconstruction of America’s Most Famous Residence, which has been seen to MailOnline. Go to news article

New Dorp loses season-opening football game on last play to Harry Truman (09/2013): It's bad enough for New Dorp that it dropped its season opener 26-22 Saturday at Harry S. Truman in the Bronx, but it becomes more painful upon closer examination.The loss came on the last play of the game, a... Go to news article

The sad demise of a President's floating palace: How Harry Truman's 'seagoing Wh (05/2013): Dignitaries such as Winston Churchill were invited to conferences on board USS Williamsburg, while the vessel sailed around the world taking President Harry Truman on a series of exotic vacations. Go to news article

Harry Truman's grandson set to speak in Oak Ridge (02/2013): Harry S. Truman’s grandson, Clifton Truman Daniel, will be the featured speaker at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 28, at an event sponsored by the Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association.

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Harry Truman Hates Lobster (09/2012):  

5 things to know about Harry Truman's education (08/2012): President Harry S. Truman, despite being the only 20th century U.S. president not to graduate from college, held an interest in education throughout his life.

Harry Truman grandson to visit Hiroshima (07/2012): Grandson to attend ceremonies marking the 67th anniversary of the event.

Israel history / Would the real Harry Truman please stand up? (06/2012): An examination of the 33rd president's motives in recognizing Israel may leave the reader puzzled. Did Truman feel any real support for Zionism, or was he just fishing for the votes of American Jews? Go to news article

Locally-produced show explores President Harry Truman's decision to drop atomic (09/2011): SARATOGA SPRINGS — One of the most difficult decisions any U.S. president ever made, and its impact on a local family, is the subject of a new documentary.

What Obama Can Learn From Harry Truman (08/2011): If he wants to win reelection in 2012, the president will have to stand for something. He needs to get angry -- eloquently angry.

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