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Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965), better known by the ring name The Undertaker, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE as a free agent. More about The Undertaker

The most expensive item with a signature of The Undertaker (WWF/WWE UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP BELT SIGNED BY THE UNDERTAKER) was sold on eBay in February 2018 for $1200.00 while the cheapest item (AUTOGRAPHED BANDANA-AUSTIN-LESNAR-UNDERTAKER) found a new owner for $0.99 in July 2010. The month with the most items sold (99) was June 2008 with an average selling price of $84.99 for an autographed item of The Undertaker. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in September 2014 with $343.31 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $3.54 was September 2008. In average, an autographed item from The Undertaker is worth $26.97.

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Bruce Sutter Hand Signed Autographed Major League Baseball The Undertaker Braves$97.99
The Undertaker Signed WWE 8x10 Photo Autographed PSA/DNA COA Wrestlemania WWF 1A$578.99

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In total, we tracked 1747 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

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( 8.5x11 ) WWE Superstar Undertaker autographed picture$19.99

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ED016 Undertaker signed wrestling Photo w/Coa$100.00
The Undertaker Autographed/Signed Wrestling 8x10 Photo, WWE Summer Slam$19.99
THE UNDERTAKER Signed 8x10 Photo Auto Mark William Calaway WWE Wrestling RARE A$99.00

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( 8.5x11 ) WWE Superstar Undertaker autographed picture$19.99

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Latest News about The Undertaker

WWE News: Is The WWE Teasing Sting Vs. The Undertaker For WrestleMania 32? (04/10/15): At WrestleMania 31, Sting and the Undertaker both competed in great matches. Sting took on Triple H in a metaphorical battle between WWE and WCW. As for the Phenom, he wrestled Bray Wyatt in a shortened match. Even though it was supposed to go on longer, the message was sent to the Undertaker haters in WWE News: Is The WWE Teasing Sting Vs. The Undertaker For WrestleMania 32? is an article from ...

Sting Should End His Career in a Double Retirement Match vs. the Undertaker (04/07/15): Sting finally had his WrestleMania moment and now many WWE fans are left scratching their heads. Despite any favorable reviews his match with Triple H may have received, it's the finish that has become the cause for debate and hate among much of the WWE faithful. But it may not be over just yet; there may indeed be a light at the end of the tunnel for The Icon. Sting's last career match should ...

The Undertaker WrestleMania Loss: Brock Lesnar, WWE Benefit From Ending The Streak (04/06/15): It’s been one year since perhaps the most shocking moment in WWE history. The Undertaker was pinned by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, snapping his undefeated streak and putting his record at the pay-per-view at 21-1.

Kane talks about working with The Undertaker, taking his mask off, memories, more (04/02/15): Kane talks about working with The Undertaker, taking his mask off, memories, more

Kane Talks WrestleMania Memories and The Undertaker, Why He Wanted to Remove His Mask, More (04/01/15): WWE Superstar Kane recently did an in-depth interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast for what's described as his most candid interview to date.

Older News Stories about The Undertaker

Kane talks about working with The Undertaker, taking his mask off, memories, more (04/2015): Kane talks about working with The Undertaker, taking his mask off, memories, more

WrestleMania 32 Rumors: The Undertaker vs. Sting An Option For WWE (03/2015): The Undertaker defeated Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 31, while Sting was beaten in his first ever WWE match, losing to Triple H. The future is unknown for both wrestlers, but the possibility remains that the two legends could have a match against each other before they call it quits.

How Bray Wyatt should beat ‘The Undertaker’ (02/2015): Undertaker Versus Bray Wyatt will probably be the most polarizing match on the card come WrestleMania 31. The reason for this lies in the complicated question of how The WWE should end the match.

Baskstage News On The Undertaker's WWE Status; Update On Possible WrestleMania 31 Matches (01/2015): The Undertaker versus Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan versus Sheamus are also expected to take place but are not locks. However, last word on The Undertaker was that WWE officials still did not know if he was returning for sure or not.

Should The Undertaker fight at WrestleMania 31 or retire? (12/2014): There are rumours that The Undertaker can make a comeback in the upcoming WrestleMania 31! Who will he face?

WWE: Sting Vs. The Undertaker Or John Cena Likely For WrestleMania 31, Claims Hulk Hogan (11/2014): When Sting has his WWE match it’s almost certainly going to be WrestleMania 31, but the question remains for who his opponent in the ring will be. Hulk Hogan is already calling it, saying that The Undertaker Vs. Sting is very likely, although he thinks even John Cena might come into the picture somehow. In WWE: Sting Vs. The Undertaker Or John Cena Likely For WrestleMania 31, Claims Hulk Hogan ...

WWE Denies The Reports That The Undertaker Is Working Part-Time In Developmental/NXT (10/2014): Like this post? Share it! A spokesperson said: “ “The reports are inaccurate.”

WWE News: The Undertaker Not Ruling Out A WrestleMania 31 Return? (09/2014): The Undertaker; just the name rings of success and splendor. Mark Calaway, Undertaker’s pseudonym, gave his all to the WWE. Just a reference of the man brings out the best of any WWE Universe member. Nobody will ever forget his 21-0 streak at WrestleMania, simply because it will never be done again. There are many WWE News: The Undertaker Not Ruling Out A WrestleMania 31 Return? is an article ...

WWE: The Undertaker Undertakes The Ice Bucket Challenge In Deathly Cold Water, Of Course (08/2014): The Undertaker just lost to a bucket, with the cold water doing its best to chill the already cool Deadman. Of course, he undertook this as part of the ice bucket challenge, so it’s all going toward ALS research. In a related report by The Inquisitr, some believe the Samoan Superman known as Roman Reigns

Batista Discusses The Undertaker's Streak Ending And Says 'It Sucked', Talks Sting In WWE & More (07/2014): On "The Streak" ending: "It sucked! Honestly, I thought it sucked. I haven't really talked much about it but I think it was a bad decision, a horrible decision. I don't have any say in the matter but to me, watching as a fan, it made me sick.

WWE News: Health Status Of The Undertaker, Will He Be Back By WrestleMania 31? (06/2014): When it comes to the WWE, there are Superstars and then there are Legends. A man by the name of The Undertaker is in that legend status. He is one of the greatest of all time. Disregarding his 21 year streak at WrestleMania where he never lost, Undertaker has been part of some of WWE’s

WWE News: WWE Now Starting To Question Brock Lesnar’s Win Over The Undertaker At WrestleMania 30 (05/2014): It was a controversial move by the WWE to have The Undertaker’s Streak end at WWE’s WrestleMania 30 PPV. Most of us didn’t know if or when The Undertaker would lose. Many of us never expected it to happen at the event. Most of all, however, no one expected Brock Lesnar to be the man

WWE teases a match between The Undertaker and Sting (04/2014): WWE teases a match between The Undertaker and Sting

Fruit and veg keep the undertaker away (03/2014): A UK study shows seven fruits and vegetables a day reduce a person's risk of dying, but only five per cent of Australians achieve the target.

Video: When the Undertaker opened the ‘Hell’s Gate’ for the 1st time (02/2014): The Undertaker's Hell's Gate move on Big Daddy V

Projecting When the Undertaker Will Return to WWE for WrestleMania Run (01/2014): The road to WrestleMania hasn't truly started until Undertaker returns to WWE , stalking his next opponent. Circle Feb. 24 and March 3 on your calendars as those are the two most likely dates for Undertaker to reappear. Looking back at when he has reentered the spotlight in the past and his rumored WrestleMania foe's schedule erases some of the mystery of when fans will see "The Phenom" stepping ...

WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross likens Alabama to the Undertaker (12/2013): Jim Ross, a WWE Hall of Fame wrestling announcer, is a resident of Norman, a longtime fan of the Oklahoma Sooners and a frequent visitor at OU football practices. The Tuscaloosa News caught up with him for a telephone interview where he talked about Oklahoma, Alabama, the upcoming Sugar Bowl and more.

Meet the undertaker for the overshare generation (11/2013): He tweets. He blogs. He embalms. Caleb Wilde is a sixth-generation mortician, working for the family business in small-town Pennsylvania.

In the kitchen with Matt 'The Undertaker' Djerf, Nevermind (10/2013): The Undertaker lives in Cape Coral with his boxer-pit bull mix, Kilo. He's worked at Nevermind Awesome Bar & Eatery since it opened in November 2012.

5 Possible Candidates to Take on the Undertaker's Streak at WrestleMania XXX (09/2013): After 21 years of remaining undefeated at the largest wrestling event of the year, the Undertaker and WrestleMania seem to be the peanut butter and chocolate of the wrestling world—both are great individually but together, they create a combination that is beyond this world.  Without a doubt, the Undertaker's streak has taken on a life of its own. What originally started as an unnoticed trend in ...

Jim Ross Comments on Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena, the Importance of NXT, The Undertaker (08/2013): WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was a guest on Inside The Ropes Radio show. Here are some highlights: Daniel Bryan/John Cena at SummerSlam: "I think Daniel Bryan will really push John Cena. No-one in WWE wrestles at the pace of Daniel Bryan.

Hear Me Out, 5 Reasons Why the Undertaker Would Make a Great WWE Raw GM (07/2013): Vickie Guerrero has been fired, and Brad Maddox has been named the new Raw General Manager for the time being. McMahon made it clear that he was making the choice, fully expecting Maddox to fail. If WWE is looking for someone with a bit more star power to take over the GM position, then they should think a little outside the box this time. They should go with The Undertaker . The Undertaker has ...

The Undertaker: leave and maybe STAY gone? (06/2013): I've been thinking about this a lot the past couple of years, and I know with all the 'Taker marks, I may get some flak, but here goes... Undertaker is no longer entertaining to watch. There, I said it.

The Undertaker voted greatest WWE Superstar of all time (05/2013): Digital Spy readers vote The Phenom the greatest of all time.        

Smackdown!:The Undertaker returns to Friday night action (04/2013): It's always an interesting crowd when Smackdown! tapes across the pond in England, so expect lots of Fandango-ing in the seats tonight. If that doesn't get you excited, how about the in-ring return of the Undertaker? Those lucky Brits.

CM Punk Is the Right Man to Face the Undertaker (03/2013): CM Punk is the right man to face The Undertaker because he is a wrestler who is more than capable of taking advantage of a unique situation—a weakened Dead Man.  Punk is in a different position than all of the other men who have challenged the Phenom at WrestleMania and lost. Undertaker is physically weak, emotionally weak and seems, for the first time, to need to win. Punk is the perfect player ...

WWE: Why the Undertaker Should Beat CM Punk at WrestleMania (02/2013): So after much speculation and worry, the Undertaker made his return to WWE at a house show in Waco, Texas a few days ago.  Before his return, there were many news reports stating that Taker was too injured to compete at WrestleMania and his rumored match with CM Punk was in doubt. However, now that Undertaker has returned, WWE has to build the match with Punk with only five weeks remaining until ...

WrestleMania 29: The Event Just Won't Be the Same Without The Undertaker (01/2013): When WWE invades the MetLife Stadium to put on WrestleMania 29, it could still be a spectacular show without The Undertaker , but it would certainly suffer without him. The Undertaker defending his undefeated WrestleMania streak has become one of the event's biggest attractions. Some of the finest storytelling in the ring has been told by Undertaker against Triple H, Edge, Shawn Michaels and ...

The Undertaker's Undefeated Streak Should Not End at WrestleMania 29 (12/2012): The Undertaker is returning to WWE soon, a fact that is surely on the minds of many fans who have been impatiently awaiting his return.   After all, we haven’t seen the Deadman in the ring since his epic match with Triple H at WrestleMania 28 this year and as we approach the Royal Rumble, the anticipation is growing more intense than ever before. So, for the million dollar question.  Will The ...

Will The Undertaker Face John Cena or The Rock at WrestleMania? (10/2012): It was a cool November night at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut on November 22, 1990. Just three days after an appearance at a WWE Superstars taping, The Undertaker made his live WWE debut at the 1990 Survivor Series. The Undertaker, a man I recently ranked fourth all-time in my Top 100 WWE Superstars of All Time list, could arguably be the best ever. Of all of Undertaker's ...

He's behind you... Will Cable play the undertaker again? (09/2012): It has become as much a part of Liberal Democrat tradition as sandals and silly conference debates: a leader knows it is time to clear his desk when Vince Cable comes to tell him what the party thinks of him.

Don't call me 'The Undertaker'! (08/2012): A Staten Island funeral director charged with illegal gambling doesn’t want to be caught dead in court being called by his nickname, “The Undertaker.”

Is the Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak less impressive than it could have been? (07/2012): Undertaker's return last Monday at the 1,000th episode of Raw got me thinking -- there is no doubt that in all the annals of professional wrestling the Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak of 20-0 is one of the most impressive.

The Undertaker Appearing At Upcoming FCW Event In Tampa, FL (06/2012): UNDERTAKER AT FCW! The Dallas Bull in Tampa, Florida will be hosting a live FCW event on Wednesday, August 1st with special guest The Undertaker! This is an all-ages event. Doors open at 5:30pm.

WWE Rumors: Sources Say Brock Lesnar Takes on the Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 (05/2012): WrestleMania 29 might have just become even more fascinating. According to Jeremy Thomas of (h/t  Wrestling Observer Newsletter ), "WWE is currently planning to have Brock Lesnar  face the Undertaker at WrestleMania 29." Thomas goes on to reference the cover of Inside Wrestling. "The latest issue of Inside Wrestling actually has Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker on their cover, with ...

WWE News: Latest Update on the Undertaker Appearing in Another WWE Match (04/2012): Following his victory over Triple H at WrestleMania on April 1, WWE Magazine is already asking if The Undertaker will “rise again” like he has the past several years of returning to the company around the time of the Royal Rumble. Despite what was said in the article in the latest issue of WWE Magazine , the opinion of those behind the scenes at the WWE have a clear idea of what is left in the ...

WWE WrestleMania 28: Ranking the Undertaker's Previous 19 WrestleMania Matches (03/2012): We are just days away from the biggest wrestling event of the year. Not only is one of the biggest matches ever going to take place, but two other men are putting their legacy on the line. Their  match is being dubbed "The End of an Era", as both combatants have had storied careers and are on the tail end of their journey. Obviously, we won't know the outcome of The Undertaker vs Triple H until ...

Wrestlemania Needs to Be the Undertaker's Last Match for His Own Good (02/2012): After WrestleMania 28, the Undertaker needs to hang up his tights and walk off into the sunset for the last time. Unlike his many returns from the dead over the years, he finally needs to be put to rest. It isn't what fans want, but while the Undertaker never ages, Mark Calaway does. The Undertaker is 46 years old, and by the time WrestleMania 28 happens, he will be 47. The Undertaker is an ...

Wrestling Wrap Up: The Undertaker Returns! (01/2012): Wait a second here. Punk vs. Bryan? Jericho attacking Punk? The Undertaker's return? Psychotic Eve? What the hell happened? How did we wind up getting such a spectacular RAW after such a jerkstore of a pay per view? I'll get to the Royal Rumble in a minute here, but I think most of us can...

WWE: Is the Undertaker's Return Being Teased on Twitter? (12/2011): By now, we have all seen the two cryptic "It Begins " promos. Keen-eyed viewers spotted the blurry YouTube URLs (which showed the vignettes) in the annoying little blue box WWE often show on screen to let viewers know if something from Raw is trending. Inevitably, word got around and even the fans who missed it first time around have now been clued in. The arty, somewhat pretentious videos ...

WWE Rumors: Will Mick Foley Be the Undertaker's WrestleMania 28 Opponent? (11/2011): WWE is not known for its long-term planning, but WrestleMania 28 appears to be the exception to that rule. We already know the main event of that show will be John Cena against The Rock, but there is another match that fans are anticipating almost as much—The Undertaker ’s. The only problem (if you want to call it that) is that we don’t have any clue who he is going to wrestle. However ...

IWC Analysis: The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak (10/2011): My new series, IWC Analysis , is a grouping of articles concerned with observing and discussing some of the most prolific ideologies and theories shared between the large membership of online wrestling fans. The first edition tackled the eternally hot subject of whether or not John Cena can wrestle . Vilified for as long as can be remembered, certain sectors of the IWC despise Cena with an ...

WWE WrestleMania XXVIII: 5 Reasons Why Mark Henry Should NOT Face The Undertaker (09/2011): There is almost constant speculation as to who might challenge next for the greatest streak in wrestling history. Famous names have suggested and debated. For the past 20 years, would-be challengers have thrust out their chests, plucked up their courage and danced with the devil. All have lost. The streak is however a difficult thing to maintain. Knowing that someone will always win makes for ...

The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak: My Ratings for All Matches & Opponents Pt2 (08/2011): Today we return to my revisit of the dead man's WrestleMania streak. His record that currently stands at 19-0. Today I'm watching these matches and rating the opponents as well as overall performance. This second part will cover matches seven through twelve. During the heart of the attitude era. 1998-2004. The rating system is on a 0 to 5.0 scale and focuses on the following topics: Opponents ...

The Undertaker and 15 Others Who Will Be in the WWE Hall of Fame by 2020 (07/2011): Hey Bleachers, My name is Pravin Maraj and this is a list to determine 15 individuals who will without a doubt, be in the WWE Hall of Fame, by the year 2020. Now, while the prestige and honor of being inducted into the WWE HOF has been questioned frequently by the iwc, as well as by some wrestlers and wrestling legends like Bruno Sammartino, the fact is that it is the most legitimate Hall of ...

The Undertaker's Streak Ending? (06/2011): The build up. There's a lot of speculation that it'd be Triple H in a rematch and Undertaker was made to look in bad shape to prepare for the loss. Triple H is one of the Undertakers best friends within the business so it'd be understandable if he was to lose to him.

WWE and The Undertaker: Is the Deadman's Streak Going to Finally Rest in Peace? (05/2011): The Undertaker —a legend who was made due to his long tenure with the company and his "Streak" which basically defines a part of WrestleMania—could be on the verge of retirement after a long and illustrious career. After battling in a gruesome match against the Game, even though the Undertaker came out victorious, HHH was the last man standing. Injuries and age seem to be catching up to him, as ...

WWE News: What Show Does The Undertaker Work On When He Returns? (04/2011): Where Will Undertaker Work When He Returns To WWE? Much has been said and written about The Undertaker following his victory over Triple H at Wrestlemania 27. The widely held belief was that he would simply hold off on working again until next year’s Wrestlemania, then retire. While that still may be the case, Undertaker will no longer be a member of the Smackdown roster if and when he returns ...

WWE WrestleMania 27 Match Odds: The Undertaker, Jerry Lawler, Snooki Expected To Win (03/2011): Gambling on pro wrestling? Oh, of course. has odds  for all eight  WWE WrestleMania 27 matches , and I can think of no more sensible use of your recreational finances than wagering on events that have been constructed for maximum enjoyment. The Undertaker is expected to keep his 18-win streak going, the two novelty matches are expected to play out as novelty matches should, and ...

WWE: Is the Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak the Greatest Story in Wrestling? (02/2011): No love triangle. No indentured servitude. No mysterious or cackling GM threatening the loss of a job. No hot-shotting. Once in a while, a title has been present, but that's never the story. This is professional wrestling/sports entertainment at its absolute best. The Undertaker's streak of victories at Wrestlemania is by far the greatest story in the wacky wonderful world of WWE, and let's face ...

Is This Really Going to Be The Undertaker's Main Event at Wrestlemania? (01/2011): Hey guys, I know I haven't wrote an article in a while, so I may be a bit rusty, but anyway. With Wrestlemania XXVII just around the corner, many of us are concerned (or should I say the WWE Officials) with the match line-up for WrestleMania XXVII.  While it's likely that WWE will produce a strong wrestling card, the major point of concern is that it will take more than that to attract the ...

WWE’s 20 Years of the Undertaker: 20 Things to Love About the Dead Man (12/2010): Hello, Buzzers. Buzz is back. Twenty years ago, Mark Calaway AKA Undertaker, one of the best superstars in the history of WWE, made his special debut. After this, we arguably witnessed one the craziest careers in pro wrestling history. A career full of unforgettable rivalries, gimmicks, moments and matches. Whether you like him or not, no one can deny how essential Undertaker was to WWE with all ...