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The most expensive item with a signature of Bill Clinton (bill clinton signed Letters (4 letters)) was sold on eBay in February 2018 for $3500.00 while the cheapest item (KEN STARR SIGNED TIME MAG COVER BILL CLINTON PROSECUTOR) found a new owner for $0.11 in September 2009. The month with the most items sold (61) was December 2011 with an average selling price of $127.24 for an autographed item of Bill Clinton. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in March 2010 with $659.99 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $12.49 was July 2016. In average, an autographed item from Bill Clinton is worth $55.38.

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Current items with a signature of Bill Clinton

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Autographed Bowden Photo - 8x10 W Bill Clinton Psa dna Coa$154.99
Ken Starr Bill Clinton Impeachment Prosecutor US Solicitor General Signed FDC$40.99
Presidents Cup 2005 Signed Golf Flag Bill Clinton Bush$1499.99

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In total, we tracked 2363 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

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BILL CLINTON Authentic signature$20.56
Bill Clinton Cut Signature auto autograph PSA/DNA$79.88
Bill Clinton Nelson Mandela George HW Bush SIGNED Flag$455.00
Ken Starr Bill Clinton Impeachment Prosecutor Signed$9.99

Latest News about Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton: 2016 Advantages -- Bill Clinton, Gender, Fundraising, Foreign Policy -- Carry Risks (04/12/15): WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton enters the 2016 presidential race with enormous advantages -- most of which, unfortunately for her, come with built-in disadvantages. Her lack of competition gives her little chance to hone her debating skills. Her status as presumptive nominee means she has to win lopsided victories in the primaries or be seen as weak.

How Hillary Clinton’s campaign plans to tackle the Bill Clinton question (04/12/15): What the campaign -- and Bill Clinton himself -- have had to say about what his role might be this time around

Bill Clinton Cried When Granddaughter Charlotte Was Born, Claims Hillary (04/11/15): According to Hillary Clinton’s book, Hard Choices, Bill Clinton cried when his granddaughter Charlotte Clinton Menzinsky was born. In an epilogue to the book, published recently, Hillary wrote about how thrilled her husband was at the hospital when their daughter Chelsea gave birth to Charlotte. As she wrote, “As the summer slipped away, I drove Bill Clinton Cried When Granddaughter Charlotte ...

Bill Clinton ready to be Hillary's 'backstage adviser' (04/11/15): Hillary Clinton has a potent weapon in Bill Clinton, a gifted campaigner.                

Ron Paul, Bill Clinton, and Dynastic Dilemmas (04/08/15): Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton don't have a lot in common, and what they do have, both sides might like to downplay. Paul pere says what he thinks, even when he seems to be thinking very little.

Latest tweets from Bill Clinton as @billclinton

07/18/15: Remembering my friend today. #MandelaDay
07/16/15: Wishing a speedy recovery to my friend @GeorgeHWBush. We all hope to see you skydive again real soon!
07/15/15: Addressing the 106th @NAACP Annual Convention in Philadelphia at 11:30 AM EDT today. Tune in here: #NAACP106
07/11/15: We hope your determination to recover & honor your loved ones inspires a more peaceful & cooperative future. #Bosnia
07/10/15: Thanks for your participation in tonight's program!
07/06/15: Champs!
07/04/15: 239 years later, the United States of America is still in the future business. Happy Independence Day everyone! #4thofjuly
07/02/15: In Hanoi today, celebrating friendship, cooperation & progress on the 20th anniv. of normalization of relations between the U.S. & Vietnam.
06/26/15: America's continuing journey toward a more perfect union just took another very important step. #SCOTUSMarriage
06/25/15: I applaud #SCOTUS' decision to uphold #ACA. Our people, communities & economy are stronger when healthcare is affordable and accessible.

Older News Stories about Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Cried When Granddaughter Charlotte Was Born, Claims Hillary (04/2015): According to Hillary Clinton’s book, Hard Choices, Bill Clinton cried when his granddaughter Charlotte Clinton Menzinsky was born. In an epilogue to the book, published recently, Hillary wrote about how thrilled her husband was at the hospital when their daughter Chelsea gave birth to Charlotte. As she wrote, “As the summer slipped away, I drove Bill Clinton Cried When Granddaughter Charlotte ...

Bill Clinton’s ‘flaws’ the subject of musical (03/2015): NEW YORK—The Clintons are going back to the White House this spring—onstage, that is. “Clinton the Musical,&rd...

Painter says he included Monica Lewinsky's dress in Bill Clinton portrait (02/2015): RENOWNED Bucks County portrait artist Nelson Shanks has painted everyone from Princess Diana to President Bill Clinton and from Pope John Paul II to Marisa Tomei. He and his wife, Leona, are the founders of Studio Incamminati, an art school on 12th Street near Callowhill.

Bill Clinton to speak at Nashville conference (01/2015): Former President Bill Clinton plans to visit Nashville this year.

Bill Clinton to make first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (12/2014): Former US president follows recent selfie with Jimmy Kimmel with ABC chat.        

Iranian native who worked with Bill Clinton deported to United Kingdom (11/2014): Ben Sangari’s visa waiver had expired 20 days before his arrest in Amherst.

Bill Clinton rallies Democrats for Nunn, Carter (10/2014): Former President Bill Clinton on Friday brought Democrats their closing arguments at a packed rally for the party’s nominees for U.

Bill Clinton raises money for Brown (09/2014): Ex-president subs for his wife after birth of first grandchild The Baltimore Sun

Bill Clinton to speak at Crist campaign rally in Miami (08/2014): Former President Bill Clinton is headed to Miami to stump at a campaign rally for Florida gubernator

Protesters interrupt Bill Clinton speech (07/2014): While speaking at an AIDS Conference in Melbourne, former President Bill Clinton is interrupted by chanting protesters

Video: Bill Clinton talks pot (06/2014): It has come to our attention that the browser you are using is either not running javascript or out of date. Please enable javascript and/or update your browser if possible.

Israel eavesdropped on Bill Clinton (05/2014): Israeli intelligence eavesdropped on phone calls between former US president Bill Clinton and late Syrian leader Hafez Assad during critical stages of Middle East talks in 1999, a new report says.

President Bill Clinton Honored with Lifetime Achievement Wildlife Conservation Award (04/2014): President William Jefferson Clinton was honored Wednesday night with a Lifetime Achievement Conservation Award at the 49th Annual National Wildlife Federation Conservation Achievement Awards. Attendees included local and visiting conservationists, philanthropists, and NWF members/ supporters such as former DC-area branding and web design power couple Ariana Ayu and David Robb of Ayutopia ...

Bill Clinton Does Hillary Impersonation on Twitter (03/2014): As the clock struck midnight, we braced ourselves for the annual deluge of dumb internet pranks, but we were still surprised that the first one came from Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton aides raised concerns about health fight (02/2014): Previously confidential documents offer insight into first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s role in the failed overhaul.

Bill Clinton, wannabe analyst (01/2014): Bill Clinton wasn't just munching popcorn during Friday's Oklahoma City Thunder-Brooklyn Nets game. He was analyzing everything going on.

My prayers with Schumacher: Bill Clinton (12/2013): New Delhi, Dec 31 : Former United States president Bill Clinton said that his prayers were with Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher as the former driver battles for his life in Grenoble, France.

Al Gore Goes Vegan, Following In Footsteps Of Bill Clinton (11/2013): Bill Clinton went vegan as a radical attempt to reform his health. But Gore has been cutting back on meat since 2009, out of concern about the impacts of animal production on climate change.

Bill Clinton Continues Campaign Tour With McAuliffe (10/2013): Roanoke, VA - Bill Clinton is continuing his McAuliffe campaign tour with a stop in Roanoke Wednesday.

How Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich Set the Stage for the Shutdown (09/2013): The government is closed.

Bill Clinton hails Seamus Heaney as a ‘brilliant artist’ (08/2013): Former US president Bill Clinton praised Seamus Heaney as “our finest poet of the rhythms of ordinary lives” and a “powerful voice for peace” in a tribute last night.

She’s baack! New tape reveals Monica crooning to Bill Clinton: 'I could take my clothes off and start . . . well ... (07/2013): WASHINGTON — The surge of publicity surrounding Anthony Weiner’s sex-tainted mayoral campaign seems to have inspired someone to release long-hidden details of Bill Clinton’s scandalous relationship with Monica Lewinsky 16 years ago. The National Enquirer yesterday revealed the contents of a tape recording it says Lewinsky, the former White...

Bill Clinton to host New York round-table forum on Irish economy this week (06/2013): Former president Bill Clinton will host an extraordinary round-table meeting of leading American business leaders in New York on Thursday of this week as part of his Global Economic Forum.

Extra, Extra: Bill Clinton Is Coming To A Block Party Near You (05/2013): In tonight's Extra, Extra, God has bestowed an horchata beer up his creation, anti-fracking demonstrators storm the Governor's office and an LA block party is getting a very special, very (B)ill guest. Plus: Keep up with us on Facebook , and follow us on Twitter: @LAist @LAistFood @LAistSports . You can also find us on Pinterest , Storify , Foursquare , and Instagram (laistpics). [ more › ]

Bill Clinton: Boston Bomb Suspects Symptoms of 'Oldest Divisions' (04/2013): WASHINGTON, D.C. – Former president Bill Clinton says the two men accused of bombing the Boston Marathon this month are symptoms of the world’s “oldest divisions” continuing despite an age of instant communication. “What is really tearing the world up is the oldest divisions. The...        

Bill Clinton To Deliver Howard University’s Commencement Speech (03/2013): Howard University class of 2013 will certainly exercise their bragging rights for having the only president just as popular as Obama delivering their commencement address. The University President Sidney Ribeau announced that former president Bill Clinton will deliver the speech on May 11. “Clinton’s example as a leader, humanitarian , and advocate and his commitment to public service will ...

Bill Clinton Once Gave Some Whip-Smart Advice To Shai Agassi (02/2013): Agassi pitched an early version of what would later become Better Place where the car and battery combined would cost around $32,000. He thought that drivers would be willing to pay that if they realized that they would make up the extra cost over time through savings on gas.

Is Bill Clinton Joining The Team For 'Expendables 3'? (01/2013): As the "Expendables" franchise continues to add action icons to its line-up, the question of who will join next becomes more and more intriguing. There have been some rumors floating around about who could join "Expendables 3" and Jackie Chan supposedly wants in, but MTV News felt the need to set the record straight about [...]

Bill Clinton Predicts Fiscal Cliff Deal (12/2012): VideoFormer U.S. President Bill Clinton speaking at Dell World about the Fiscal Cliff The fiscal cliff saga is keeping all of us busy this holiday season. Busy talking among ourselves that is, about the ifs and nots of when if ever that piece of legislation passes before January 1st. Well I thought [...]

Could Bill Clinton Be Getting a New Job in Washington? Who Else is Coming to Town? (11/2012):   President Obama is about to enter his second term in office, and many of you sent me questions wondering what his new Cabinet will look like. Bronwyn Lowe asked “Is it possible for President Clinton to become Secretary of State after he has been...

Bill Clinton to stump for Obama in Eau Claire (10/2012): The Obama campaign says Clinton will hold a grassroots campaign event in Eau Claire on Wednesday. Details will be announced later.

Bill Clinton to campaign for Obama at UNH on Wednesday (09/2012): DURHAM — The Obama for America campaign is hoping that former President Bill Clinton brings a credible voice when he stumps for President Barack Obama during Wednesday's campaign stop at the University of New Hampshire.

Bill Clinton Is the New Bill Murray (08/2012): In 2008, the new ubiquitous party boy in New York was not some 20-year-old hipster, but Bill Murray, who Page Six Magazine reported had begun showing up unannounced at parties in Williamsburg just to hang out. Four years later, the title of "late-blooming fun-time It guy" has been seized by former President Bill Clinton. ...

Bill Clinton to speak at Democratic Party's convention (07/2012): WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 -- Former US President Bill Clinton would address the Democratic Party National Convention in early September. Clinton will deliver the nominating speech on September 5 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Elizabeth Warren will also speak at the convention.Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.

Bill Clinton Won’t Go Away (06/2012): Bill Clinton will never leave the Democratic Party. He will never leave politics. He’s a professional politician who in retirement really misses the White House, so much so that he would like to join his wife there, and that’s why he has never stopped promoting Hillary as a presidential candidate.

Bill Clinton predicts strong Obama victory (05/2012): WASHINGTON (AFP) - Former United States (US) president Bill Clinton said on Thursday he thought that fellow Democrat Barack Obama would be easily re-elected to the White House, even though polls currently show a close race. Related Stories Naomi Wolf: The Political Wife Exits the Stage New mum didn't know she was pregnant War crimes, not genocide in Srebrenica: Serbian president 'Canadian Psycho ...

Bill Clinton: 5 reasons he is helping Obama (04/2012): Four years ago, former President Clinton got his knuckles rapped for calling Sen. Barack Obama 's presidential aspirations a "fairy tale." Now the 42nd president is appearing on the stump with No. 44, helping President Obama fundraise and making the case for his reelection. Mr. Clinton has also earned a reputation as a "campaign whisperer," imparting his views on political strategy to Obama’s ...

Former President Bill Clinton endorses Pennsylvania Democratic attorney general candidate Kathleen Kane (03/2012): Former President Bill Clinton has intervened in Pennsylvania’s contested Democratic primary race for attorney general by endorsing candidate Kathleen Kane.

Bill Clinton Supports New Keystone Route (02/2012): Bill Clinton said Wednesday, that TransCanada should build its $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline along a new route but his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said a new [...]

President Bill Clinton Named Wonk of the Year by American University (01/2012): President Bill Clinton, the first popularly acknowledged wonk to occupy the Oval Office, has been named American University’s inaugural Wonk of the Year.WASHINGTON, DC (PRWEB) January 28, 2012 President Bill Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation, and 42nd President of the United States, and first popularly acknowledged wonk to occupy the Oval Office, has been named American ...

Top Moments: Homeland's Explosive Finale, Mindy Kaling and Bill Clinton... Reunited At Last (12/2011): Our top moments of the week: 10. Best Silent Killer: When it came time for the jury to have at the final three Survivor: South Pacific contestants, the most vicious commentary of all comes from an unexpected source ?Whitney ? the sweet Southern belle. Albert, you're sleazy, she says. Coach, you used Christianity to manipulate your whole tribe. And Sophie? You're the most condescending person I ...

Will Bill Clinton's praise help Newt Gingrich win the nomination? (11/2011): FROM CNN's Jack Cafferty: In politics, timing is everything - and Newt Gingrich might have it. Just as the former U.S. House speaker surges in the polls, he's also nabbing some key endorsements. For starters, the influential New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board is backing Gingrich. They say he's improved Washington before and in this [...]

Nutter and Bill Clinton cancel, not Occupy (10/2011): Former President Bill Clinton and Mayor Nutter canceled a joint campaign appearance as snow and freezing rain pelted the region - and as Occupy Philadelphia prepared to confront them with what demonstrators said would be a powerful silent protest.

Former President Bill Clinton to speak at Bushnell (09/2011): HARTFORD — The Connecticut Forum and The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts will celebrate 20 years of Forum events at The Bushnell on March 16 with a speech by former President Bill Clinton.

Why Bill Clinton was Sean Hannity's best friend (08/2011): Many a conservative career were built on the back of Bill Clinton's shenanigans. The Drudge Report evolved from the obscure project of some basement dweller to a go-to news source after it started breaking news about the president's relationship with a White House intern. And of course, the thrice divorced Rush Limbaugh probably increased his dittoheadship exponentially as the nation sought a ...

Bill Clinton Calls A Hail Mary (07/2011): When the clock is winding down and a team is losing a hard-fought football game, coaches sometimes call for a Hail Mary: a long pass toward the other team’s goal that has only the slimmest chance of success.

BLITZER'S BLOG: Sitting down with Rahm Emanuel and Bill Clinton in Chicago (06/2011): Chicago (CNN) - I've covered Rahm Emanuel for many years – going back to 1992 when he was a young...

The Buzz: Bill Clinton trumps Arnold Schwarzenegger ... at least in sex scandal T-shirts (05/2011): Schwarzenegger sex scandal rates low on the T-shirt scale

From Bill Clinton to K-Fed: The quotable Donald (04/2011): Digging through interview transcripts, we found some instances of Trump opining on famous folks, from a former president of the United States to, um, K-Fed. Here's a few of them.

Bill Clinton advises Berlusconi on how to save face in sex scandal in MuPoToon 'Episode Three' (03/2011): MuPoToon, the first animated series for iPhone, lampoons the world's biggest political news of the day.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Most Likely, Bill Clinton (02/2011): The former president who has worked diligently to seal his place in the pantheon of American statesmen doesn't seem to be showing any signs of letting up 10 years after leaving office in a shadow of impeachment. 

Rep. Davis to Bill Clinton: your political support will suffer (01/2011): Chicago (CNN) - One of the Chicago's most well-known federal lawmakers has a harsh message for Bill Clinton: the former...

Bill Clinton’s Decision to Help Rahm Emanuel Irks Rivals (12/2010): Rahm Emanuels rivals in the Chicago mayoral race openly criticized former President Bill Clintons plans to campaign for his former aide.