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George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1946) is an American politician and businessman who served as the 43rd president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. He had previously served as the 46th governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. More about George W Bush

The most expensive item with a signature of George W Bush (GEORGE W. BUSH Autographed Necktie + Letter as Governor of Texas Lot 1021) was sold on eBay in August 2015 for $3000.00 while the cheapest item (George W. Bush former President USA autograph Signed photo 20x25 printed) found a new owner for $0.01 in November 2013. The month with the most items sold (35) was December 2018 with an average selling price of $81.00 for an autographed item of George W Bush. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in October 2018 with $1608.62 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $1.99 was November 2012. In average, an autographed item from George W Bush is worth $78.00.

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George W Bush Facsimile Signed Letter to Jerry Jones 16x20 Framed Photo Display$108.99
George W Bush Facsimile Signed Letter to Jerry Jones 16x20 Framed Photo Display$108.99
George W Bush signed book 41: A portrait of my Father president 1st ed 1/1 HC/DJ$149.95
George W Bush Signed OMLB Baseball Beckett$2999.00

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2016 Decision Gold Foil George W. Bush Cut Signature AUTO $169.16
Andrew Card In-Person Signed 9/11 11x14 w/ JSA COA #K13449 Andy George W. Bush $424.99
Decision Points SIGNED by George W. Bush (2010, Hardcover) 1ST/9TH$60.00
President George W. Bush Signed DECISION POINTS Hardcover Book Autograph JSA COA$81.00
President George W. Bush signed unused bookplate for DECISION POINTS - choice sp$73.00

Latest News about George W Bush

Huckaby: George H.W. Bush, a politician who was a genuine man (12/09/18): In a day and age when politicians have been reduced to caricatures, some people only want to remember George Herbert Walker Bush as the guy who said,

Legacy of George H.W. Bush is one for the history books (12/09/18): Metropolitan State  professor Dr. Norman Provizer believes Bush 41 may be one of the greatest single-term presidents this country has seen.

George H. W. Bush, and a legacy of philanthropy (12/07/18): For years, when President George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush showed up to a party, they caused a stir. And an uptick in funds raised.Even the most poised social swans would swivel their necks to catch a peek, and a photo. Such was the power of the Bushes.With last week’s passing of George, only seven months after his beloved wife Barbara died in April, Houstonians are mourning the loss ..

Humorous, and serious, perspectives of President George H.W. Bush (12/06/18): As he sat in a rocking chair overlooking the annual Christmas parade in Little Washington last Sunday, political satirist Mark Russell spoke seriously for once about President George H.W. Bush,

George H.W. Bush was savvy, decent and tough (12/06/18): Honor, decency, principled, character, grace, loyalty, optimistic, integrity, dignity, honesty, humble.

Older News Stories about George W Bush

Legacy of George H.W. Bush is one for the history books (12/2018): Metropolitan State  professor Dr. Norman Provizer believes Bush 41 may be one of the greatest single-term presidents this country has seen.

Post-9/11 first pitch 'one of most dramatic moments of presidency' for George W. Bush (04/2015): Former President George W. Bush may not have an ownership stake in the Texas Rangers anymore, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know what's going on.

USHCC and George W. Bush Institute Release Book on Economic Imperative of Immigration Reform (03/2015): WASHINGTON -- The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) and The George W. Bush Institute have partnered to release "America's Advantage: A Handbook on Immigration and Economic Growth." ...

A former press secretary for George W. Bush is still spinning it Dubya’s way (02/2015): And the Good News Is…: Lessons and Advice from the Bright SideBy Dana PerinoTwelve241 pages, $26By Lee CoppolaNEWS BOOK REVIEWERWhat a fitting title for a book that has so little negativity, so much ebullience.Per...

Timeline: Indo-US nuclear agreement since George W Bush, Manmohan Singh regimes (01/2015): July 18, 2005: President Bush and Prime Minister Singh first announce their intention to enter into a nuclear agreement in Washington.

JOSEPH CURL: At Christmastime, George W. Bush was Santa, Obama is Scrooge (12/2014): Every year, in the week between Christmas and New Year's, I think about George W. Bush. It was in that week each year for the eight years I covered him as a reporter that he gave me a spectacular gift — and he knew it. I started covering the newly ...

George W. Bush Attending Naperville Book Promotion (11/2014): Forty-third President of the United States George W. Bush is set to make two appearances next week in DuPage County, Illinois in promotion of his new book, 41: A Portrait of My Father. The biography details the life and career …

Will '41: A Portrait of my Father' reveal a different side of George W. Bush? (10/2014): George W. Bush's biography of his father will be published Nov. 11 by Crown, with a planned first printing of 1 million copies.

Wall Street Journal columnist tells Obama how to save his presidency: Ring up George W. Bush! (09/2014): Neoconservative writer Bret Stephens thinks he has just the remedy for Obama's second term blues -- George W. Bush

Frank Wolf calls on George W. Bush to play bigger role on world stage (08/2014): Rep. Frank Wolf, a longtime defender of human rights, has asked former President George W. Bush to play a bigger role in global hot spots, pleading with him to get involved in trying to sort out the problems in South Sudan. Mr. Bush was in office in 2005 when Sudanese ...

The secret George W. Bush book project (07/2014): When Bush's book comes out, it's sure to force a re-evaluation of the Bushes on many levels.

President Barack Obama's Job Approval Higher Than George W. Bush, at Midterm of Second Term (06/2014): Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport compares President Barack Obama's job approval rating with other recent presidents' ratings at the midterm of their second terms.

George W. Bush undergoes Knee Replacement (05/2014): George W. Bush, the former President of the United States, has undergone an outpatient procedure over the Memorial Day weekend. He traveled from Texas to Chicago for partial knee replacement.Mr. Bush...

George W. Bush cleared documents for early release (04/2014): In a directive signed after he left the White House, the former president approved the release of several categories of documents

George W. Bush impersonator confounds Mississippi congregation, brings Biblical message (03/2014): Some were skeptical, some were confused when local law enforcement created an official reception for a George W. Bush impersonator Sunday evening, but hundreds attended the event to see for themselves.

Watch: Web Extra: George W. Bush on PTSD (02/2014): Former President George W. Bush fights to take 'Disorder' Out of PTSD

Man charged with threatening George W. Bush (01/2014): A New York man was charged with threatening to kill George W. Bush after professing a romantic interest in the former president's oldest daughter, prosecutors said.

CURL: At Christmastime, George W. Bush was Santa, Obama is Scrooge (12/2013): ANALYSIS/OPINION: Every year, in the week between Christmas and New Year's, I think about George W. Bush. It was in that week each year for the eight that I covered him as a reporter that he gave me a spectacular gift — and he knew it. I started covering the ...

Painter George W. Bush sells Christmas ornament featuring his art (11/2013): Move over Banksy, there’s a new popular artist in town — former President George W. Bush! The George W. Bush

Former George W. Bush School Principal Accused Of Stealing Nearly $12,000 From PTO (10/2013): The investigation began after her coworkers reported missing money. In one case, prosecutors say she withdrew money from the PTO account and used it to purchase a cemetery plot for a family member who died.

First Lady addresses George W. Bush Institute in New York (09/2013): First Lady Lordina Dramani Mahama has called for collaboration between the Bush Institute and the Lordina Foundation to contribute meaningfully to the development of the underprivileged in our society.

Trump, George W. Bush among donors to Abbott’s campaign for Texas governor (08/2013): AUSTIN — What do Donald Trump and former President George W. Bush have in common? They both want Greg Abbott to be the next governor of Texas.

Margaret Spellings, George W. Bush Foundation President, Calls For Education Legislation Transparency (07/2013): Margaret Spellings, the former George W. Bush Administration Education Secretary, joined Huffpost Live at the Aspen Ideas Festival to recommend solutions to the education crisis.

Zambia: Former American President George W. Bush Arrives in Zambia (06/2013): [Times of Zambia]A large Airbus plane carrying Mr Bush and his wife touched down at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport yesterday around 08:30 hours.

George W Bush: I've come to realise power can be corrosive. Former president admits he might have become carried away ... (05/2013): President George W Bush, right, claimed that he does not feel sorry for injured veterans because they're volunteers and they don't feel sorry for themselves'.

Transcript of President George W. Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ speech (04/2013): ABOARD THE USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CNN) – The following is an unedited transcript of President Bush’s historic speech from the flight deck of the USS Lincoln, during which he declared an end to major combat in Iraq: Thank you. Thank …

George W . Bush ’s Lie-bury (03/2013): As minor African despots are dragged before the International Criminal Court, ex-President George W . Bush remains free, despite having committed major war crimes like torture and aggressive war.

Hacker Discovers George W. Bush’s Nude Self Portrait (02/2013): President George W. Bush has taken up painting since leaving office. But after email accounts linked to the former commander and chief were hacked, the world discovered Bush doesn’t always prefer clothing when he paints. …

Former President George W. Bush to appear at Pittsburgh gas conference (01/2013): By Timothy Puko, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Former President George W. Bush will visit Pittsburgh this fall to speak at a gas industry conference, organizers said. Bush’s representatives could not be reached ...

Republicans Turn to An Unlikely Name for Inspiration: George W. Bush (12/2012): As Republicans reassess their future in the presidential wilderness, seeking a message and messenger to resonate with a new generation of voters, one unlikely name has popped up as a role model: former President George W. Bush.

Wall Street Journal Omits George W. Bush From Graphic On 2-Term 'Presidencies And Growth' (11/2012): As the "fiscal cliff" draws nearer and politicians polish their ability to duck blame, a Friday editorial in the Wall Street Journal has bravely taken the lead in analyzing past presidents' economic performance -- and wags a stern finger in Obama's direction.

George W. Bush Presidential Center to feature 15-acre park recreating Texas prairie (10/2012): DALLAS - A 15-acre park at the upcoming George W. Bush Presidential Center will recreate a Texas prairie, complete with a wildflower meadow, a new blend of native grasses and even trees transplanted from the former president's ranch.

George W. Bush deserves credit for the auto bailout: George V. Voinovich (09/2012): Although the Obama administration is taking credit for saving GM and Chrysler, if it wasn't for the work of President George W. Bush, there wouldn't be much of an industry to squabble over, writes former Ohio Sen. George V. Voinovich.

George W. Bush's record is the elephant at the Republican convention (08/2012): Where is George W. Bush? The last Republican president was a no-show at the Republican convention this week. And the party that he led for eight years barely mentioned him -- or his record.

Bill Clinton steps back into spotlight as George W Bush retreats offstage (07/2012): Bill Clinton looks set to be the star of the Democratic convention while George W Bush will stay at home when Republicans gather in Tampa.

George W. Bush: Still the worst (06/2012): A new study ranks Bush near the very bottom in history, due to delusional wars, reckless spending and inflexibility

Alongside Obama, George W. Bush steals the White House show (05/2012): WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's Barack Obama's house now, but his predecessor and political foil, George W. Bush, stole the show at the White House on Thursday with his wisecracks and grin.

Will Mitt Romney Recycle George W. Bush's Global Warming Fiasco? (04/2012): Romney seems bent on recycling Bush 43's global warming muddle, a hodgepodge of subsidies and policies that did nothing but waste money.

ChinaAid Founder Bob Fu at Launch of George W. Bush Presidential Center's Freedom Collection (03/2012): DALLAS, March 30, 2012 / Christian Newswire / -- ChinaAid founder and president Bob Fu joined other freedom fighters, dissidents, activists, and local community group representatives at the launch on Wednesday of the George W. Bush Presidential Center's Freedom Collection.

High Cost of Fuel is Only Bad if George W. Bush is the President (02/2012): George W. Bush was hammered in the mainstream media for the high fuel prices; he was repeatedly demonized as being in bed with "big oil." Under Obama, the mainstream media has taken a different approach: . . .

George W. Bush stops in St. Louis to address young execs (01/2012): The former president spoke to the Young Presidents' Organization.

George W. Bush Looks Back on No Child Left Behind (12/2011): Even out of office, the President is still promoting education reform

James Moore: Jesus on the Jumbotron - Excerpted From Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush (11/2011): Rick Perry has a vision that has very little to do with the principles he espouses in the public forum. And he has left a record that can be used to predict a troubling future for America under a Perry administration.

George W. Bush speaks to Christians in Sevierville (10/2011): Former president George W. Bush was in Sevierville Wednesday night, but he wasn't talking politics. He was sharing his faith. It's not the first time.

Former President George W. Bush delivers address at the Hershey Lodge (09/2011): Appearing more relaxed than a late-night talk show host, former President George W. Bush entertained nearly 2,000 south-central Pennsylvania business executives in Hershey on Monday night.

Former President George W. Bush to appear at Jim Blanchard Leadership Forum in Columbus next year (08/2011): At one point Tuesday, Jim Blanchard joked that he had tried to land gospel singer Bill Gaither as a speaker for his namesake leadership forum, but had been unsuccessful thus far.

Former Pres. George W. Bush to be in NYC to mark 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks (07/2011): AP File PhotoFormer Pres. George W. Bush. NEW YORK — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says former President George W. Bush will be among the dignitaries at a World Trade Center site ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is as Unpopular as George W. Bush (06/2011): Arnie is no longer a chick magnet Apparently, voters find former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's out-of-wedlock love child even more unappealing than his inability to get the state budget passed on time.

George W. Bush: I'm 'A Medicare Guy' (05/2011): Former president steers clear of the limelight, says he's a "simple, retired guy."

George W. Bush on Panetta, Petraeus Nominations: 'Is This Gossip or Truth?' (04/2011): I had some fun with former President George W. Bush this morning. He came on to talk about the Warrior 100, a three day, 100km mountain bike ride across the Texas desert with wounded servicemen and women – and brought...

Medea Benjamin: Obama on Libya: George W. Bush 2.0 (03/2011): Just like Bush, Obama doesn't let his hypocrisy get in the way of a good war.

Due West: Was George W. Bush right on Arab democracy? (02/2011): When Hosni Mubarak announced his resignation, I tuned to Rossiya 24, Russia's 24/7 all news channel and immediately hit upon a live interview with my former ambassador in Yemen, who also later represented Russia in Tunisia.

George W. Bush wants to 'regain anonymity' and do nothing (01/2011): Washington, Jan 29 : It seems former US President George W. Bush is not in a mood to do anything.

Ticket Replay: George W. Bush's idea to help Obama with the tax cut debate in D.C.: Stop calling them mine (12/2010): Republican George W. Bush says opponents feel "angst" over anything associated with him.