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The most expensive item with a signature of John Morrison (WWE JOHN MORRISON RING WORN SIGNED JACKET & TIGHTS W/PROOF) was sold on eBay in October 2016 for $2999.99 while the cheapest item (john morrison signed wwe autographed wrestling card) found a new owner for $0.26 in August 2009. The month with the most items sold (21) was December 2009 with an average selling price of $12.74 for an autographed item of John Morrison. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in October 2016 with $2999.99 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $1.40 was February 2009. In average, an autographed item from John Morrison is worth $10.99.

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Current items with a signature of John Morrison

These are the most current items with a signature of John Morrison that were listed on eBay and on other online stores - click here for more items.

Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
John Morrison Signed 2008 WWE Topps Chrome Heritage Card #52 Autograph Wrestling$16.99
John Morrison Signed 2010 WWE Topps Championship Material Card #C3 Autograph ECW$20.99
John Morrison Signed 2011 WWE Topps Electrifying Entrances Card #EE-17 Autograph$20.99
John Morrison Signed 2011 WWE Topps Electrifying Entrances Card #EE-17 Autograph$16.99
John Morrison Signed WWE 8x10 Photo PSA/DNA COA Wrestlemania Picture Autograph 1$29.99

Traded items with a signature of John Morrison

In total, we tracked 422 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

Most recently, these items with a signature of John Morrison were sold on eBay - click here for more items.

Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
JOHN MORRISON signed *WWE Wrestling* 8X10 photo W/COA$24.95
JOHN MORRISON signed *WWE Wrestling* 8X10 photo W/COA$24.95
John Morrison Signed WWE Promo 8x10 Auto Wrestling ECW$17.99
WWE JOHN MORRISON Signed 8x10$12.99

Traded Photos with a signature of John Morrison

Most recently, these Photos with a signature of John Morrison were sold on eBay. Also, we show some available products from other stores to give you a feeling about the right price for these autographed items.

Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
JOHN MORRISON signed *WWE Wrestling* 8X10 photo W/COA$24.95
JOHN MORRISON signed *WWE Wrestling* 8X10 photo W/COA$24.95
John Morrison Signed WWE Promo 8x10 Auto Wrestling ECW$17.99
WWE JOHN MORRISON Signed 8x10$12.99

Traded Trading Cards with a signature of John Morrison

Most recently, these Trading Cards with a signature of John Morrison were sold on eBay. Also, we show some available products from other stores to give you a feeling about the right price for these autographed items.

Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
John Morrison Johnny Nitro signed card WWE$4.99
WWE JOHN MORRISON auto autograph signed card COA$2.25
WWE JOHN MORRISON auto autograph signed card COA$5.50
wwe wwf john morrison signed wrestling card with coa$1.99

Traded other items with a signature of John Morrison

Most recently, these other items with a signature of John Morrison were sold on eBay. Also, we show some available products from other stores to give you a feeling about the right price for these autographed items.

Picture Item Title  ▼ Price   Store  
JOHN MORRISON autographed 8x10 photo WWE PROOF$9.99
john morrison signed wwe autographed wrestling card $0.26
WWE JOHN MORRISON signed ECW Champ Belt Smackdown$12.99

Latest News about John Morrison

Video: John Morrison backs Black Caps to start Henry - full interview (03/23/15): Former New Zealand cricketer John Morrison expects the Black Caps selectors to pick the team to play South Africa without emotional attachment or playing favourites.

Melina denies cheating on John Morrison with Batista (03/13/15): Former WWE Diva Melina has denied cheating on John Morrison with Batista during her time with the company.

John Morrison talks about WWE, Lucha UG, Russo’s involvement, more (03/10/15): Former WWE Superstar John Morrison, who presently wrestles for Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo, recently was the guest on The Shining Wizards podcast

John Morrison on WWE Creative vs. Lucha UG Creative, Lucha's Faith In Him, Vince Russo, More (03/09/15): Lucha Underground: I like a lot that you compared it to ECW, because that’s one of the comparisons that I make often. Not necessarily that it is ECW, but ECW really felt like it was its own world. It wasn’t WWE’s lights.

WWE News: John Morrison To Return To WWE As A Member Of NXT? (03/08/15): WWE recently brought back two past WWE superstars — Brian Kendrick and Rhyno — as part of NXT’s roster, with the idea of them eventually being coaches for WWE’s developmental brand. Now it looks like John Morrison could be joining Kendrick and Rhyno down in Florida. John Morrison was last seen on WWE television in WWE News: John Morrison To Return To WWE As A Member Of NXT? is an article from ...

Older News Stories about John Morrison

Melina denies cheating on John Morrison with Batista (03/2015): Former WWE Diva Melina has denied cheating on John Morrison with Batista during her time with the company.

Lucha Underground Takes A Shot At WWE Over A Recent John Morrison Post - Details Inside Here (12/2014): Like this post? Share it! The WWE Universe Twitter account had posted about the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania 24. The tweet praised John Morrison for his moonsault to the floor while holding a ladder.

John Morrison Reveals The Reason Why He Chose Lucha Underground Over Both WWE & TNA (10/2014): Like this post? Share it! Here is John Morrison speaking with PWInsider about his role in Lucha Underground. Morrison, who is working as Johnny Mundo in the promotion, says that he chose Lucha Underground over TNA or a WWE return because it appealed to him in terms of the way it combines cinematic aspects with professional wrestling, citing the involvement of Robert Rodriguez and El Rey Network ...

The Latest Edition Of 'WWE Insiders' + John Morrison Featured In New Film - Check Out The Videos (09/2014): Like this post? Share it! -- Here is a new video of former WWE Superstar John Morrison appearing in a new Super Power Beat Down videe. Morrison performs as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle friend Casey Jones and faces Kick-Ass.

Report: John Morrison, Chavo Guerrero & Other WWE/TNA Alumni Set For AAA's Lucha Undergound (08/2014): Like this post? Share it! Several WWE and TNA alumni are set for the premiere of AAA's Lucha Underground on September 6th. According to a source, John Hennigan (aka John Morrison), Ricky Reyes, Joey Ryan, Candice LeRae, Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, and Ivelisse Velez will all be there.

VIDEO: The Trailer For 'Hercules Reborn' (07/2014): ​VIDEO: The Trailer For

VIDEO: John Morrison Praises Daniel Bryan & More (05/2014): John Morrison was a guest on The Roman Show where he spoke about Daniel Bryan , among other topics. He said: "Those guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk , The Shield , guys who I knew coming up. Daniel Bryan was around even before I was around.

John Morrison Talks About WWE’s Vibe Backstage, Future Plans, His New Movies & More (03/2014): Former WWE Superstar John Hennigan, better known by his ring name John Morrison, recently took some time to participate in an interview with . Hennigan spoke on WWE’s backstage vibe while he was at the company, his upcoming movies, plans and goals for 2014 and more.

Update on “Minutes to Midnight” Starring John Morrison (12/2013): Christopher Don, a writer/producer, is raising money to help finance an upcoming movie starring former WWE Superstar John Morrison, titled “Minutes to Midnight.”

The Miz Comments on Teaming with John Morrison and Daniel Bryan’s Success (11/2013): The Miz recently spoke with This Is Famous about how important teaming with John Morrison was for his career.

John Morrison and Matt Morgan discuss Tough Enough, FWE & more (10/2013): Matt Morgan and John Hennigan sat down with TripleR at LOP Radio to discuss the upcoming FWE Open Weight Grand Prix, as well as how their careers intertwined and other topics.

AUDIO john morrison (08/2013): John Morrison: Mystery Morrison runs for mayor 8:19

John Morrison Discusses Rejected Gimmicks, Seth Rollins Training, Lesnar & More (07/2013): The latest episode of the “Curtain Jerks” podcast “John Morrison Returns” features former WWE Superstar John Morrison talks about working on a movie with “Tiny” Lister Jr. aka Zeus, prepping for a ladder match, questioning Seth Rollins training, John tells a story of first meeting Brock Lesnar with Brock wanting to break John’s neck, if there were any gimmicks in WWE that he flat out refused to ...

John Morrison Comments on Progress WWE Has Made Since His Departure (05/2013): During the duration of the interview, Morrison admits that he was happy the Dolph Ziggler won the World Heavyweight Championship, and noted that CM Punk has moved to another level since he left.

John Morrison Reveals What Went Wrong in Last WWE Match Plus New Fitness DVD (04/2013): If you thought John Morrison was entertaining when he made your jaw drop with amazing athletic maneuvers in the wrestling arena―you have to check out his new fitness DVD that's been released. I spoke to Morrison in an interview recorded on TribLIVE sports radio in Pittsburgh about his new DVD and much more. Out Of Your Mind Fitness will not only feature Morrison doing some crazy movements, but ...

Former WWE Wrestler John Morrison to Star in Upcoming Horror Movie (03/2013): Wrestler-turned-actor John " Morrison " Hennigan looks to have lined up another movie gig for himself. DreadCentral notes that Hennigan , who left WWE in late 2011, is currently scheduled to play one of the lead roles in horror flick The Factory. The press release for the movie, which is due to start filming on April 2, notes: Starring Azura Skye (Bandits), Bill Sage (Mysterious Skin), and John ...

Will John Morrison ever come back to WWE? (02/2013): As a huge Morrison fan I want to say yes to bringing him back, but with WWE's new youth movement(Shield, Bo Dallas, Big E. Langston, and Brad Maddox) I don't know if a now 33 year old John Morrison would be worth it for the WWE. I always thought Morrison could be a great face for the WWE, but I don't know with the influx of young talent in waiting for WWE if he'd be worth bringing back.

Former WWE Wrestler John Morrison Branches out into New Career (12/2012): Former WWE performer John Morrison (AKA John Hennigan ) has certainly been keeping himself busy since he left the promotion. Notably, he's picked up a prominent role in the wonderfully-titled Redemption: The Darkness Descending,  which stars B-movie king Danny Trejo . Per IMDB , Morrison plays a character called "Razor" in the film. Fabulous. In addition to picking up acting gigs in Hollywood ...

WWE News: John Morrison's Twitter Account Hacked (09/2012): I think there is a bit of a trend going on here. As less than 24 hours after John Cena 's Twitter account was hacked , former WWE star John Morrison is reporting the same issue from his account. Morrison took to Twitter early Sunday morning with the following.   JoMoSapiens - My account was hacked, if you got a DM from me, don't click the link & don't buy any damn diet pills! — John Morrison ...

John Morrison Talks About Being Way from WWE, Getting Acting, and More (08/2012): Big Smoothie from 95X of Syracuse, New York recently interviewed John Morrison, here are some highlights. What he enjoys most about being away from WWE: “It’s nice to be in charge of my own destiny. That WWE express train pretty much monopolizes your own time.

WWE News: John Morrison Stars in New Funny or Die Video (06/2012): Looks like John Morrison is at it again, as he tweeted the following Thursday afternoon.   If there is such a thing as a Pirish accent (Pirate + Irish) I think that's what I got: — John Morrison (@TheRealMorrison) June 28, 2012 This is the second video that he has done for the site, and it looks to be another hit.  The video can be found here and features Morrison as a ...

John Morrison Stars in Short Film Spoof 'The Negotiator' (05/2012): Talk about a guy who knows how to keep himself busy. Since his WWE departure in November of 2011, John Morrison has been far from bored during his hiatus. As we all know, there were several rumors about him and girlfriend/former WWE Diva Melina heading to TNA . To date, those rumors have not come to fruition. Instead, Morrison has been involved in several acting roles, launching a new fitness ...

John Morrison: 'The Shaman of Sexy' Gets in the Ring with Jessica Alba (04/2012): Yes, that headline is accurate. However, it's not a match to be aired for the WWE or TNA for that matter. Instead, it's a shoot for a new undisclosed YouTube commercial. Several outlets, including US Weekly , managed to land some pics from the shoot. Unfortunately, many outlets were focused more on what Alba was wearing rather than who she was fighting, so Morrison's name is not mentioned in any ...

WWE Rumors: The Latest on John Morrison Making a Return to the WWE in 2012 (03/2012): After leaving the WWE last November on good terms, John Morrison has spent the past few months on the independent scene where he has a much easier schedule than that of the demanding schedule in the WWE. With some time away from the WWE to recuperate, will we see JoMo make his way back to the company that made him a star sometime this year? From Wrestling News Source : In an interview with Phil ...

WWE News: John Morrison Lands First Post-WWE World Title (02/2012): This one is for all of the JOMOsapiens, your wait is finally over as John Morrison landed his first main-event title. For about a month now, Morrison has been slated to take on Shelton Benjamin for the WWFX Championship in the Philippines. The long-awaited match happened on February 4 and Morrison, also known as John Hennigan, bested the former "Gold Standard" and gained the WWFX gold. According ...

WWE News: John Morrison Comments on What He Needs to Work on to Get Back to WWE (01/2012): John Morrison parted ways with the WWE late last year after his contract expired and he decided not to sign a new one.  When Morrison left the company, there was the normal mixed reaction. Some fans were glad to see him go, others were disappointed that he left and there were those who were completely indifferent about his departure.  Those who aren’t Morrison fans typically point to one aspect ...

WWE: How Did John Morrison Go from Supernova to Black Hole? (12/2011): John Morrison was at one point on track to be WWE's next big star. He had moments where it looked like WWE was ready to put a lot of weight on his shoulders. How many people who never won the world title can say they pinned Shawn Michaels after using his own superkick? No one else I can think of, and Michaels put Morrison over this way, which was a huge compliment from HBK to Morrison. During ...

WWE Farewell: John Morrison, a Star Forced to Die (11/2011): Monday night was officially the last show that John Morrison will be wrestling in WWE for the foreseeable future. Some would say the writing was on the wall for weeks now, perhaps months, but I know that I was one of the ones holding out hope. The reports were coming in for months of rumors and news stories . All I could think was that there had been similar reports about CM Punk, and they ...

WWE News: Jim Ross, John Morrison, Booker T and Wednesday's WWE Analysis (10/2011): This week's episode of Monday Night Raw is now behind us, and the WWE is officially on the road to Survivor Series. No matches have been made official for the "Big Four" pay-per-view as of yet. However, it looks like we'll get Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship, as well as a tag team match which pits John Cena and The Rock against The Miz and R-Truth. As the build toward what ...

WWE's Pushed to Punished, Edition 10: John Morrison (09/2011): As most of you know by now, I've produced an exclusive weekly column for several months entitled WWE's Pushed to Punished, where I analyze the controversial career of a particular current or former WWE Superstar who was set to make a major impact in the industry but failed to grab the mythical brass ring when all was said and done. For my milestone tenth edition, I look to target one of the most ...

WWE: John Morrison, Gail Kim, and the 10 Most Misused WWE Superstars/Divas (08/2011): Misused can be taken many ways. Some would say they are being misused in that they are put in a position they don't deserve or are ready for. Or, they are not given the right push to where they should be. No matter how you take that in, this list will cater to both So, while this list may have people who are doing well, the word "misused" is key. Begin Slideshow

Harrison's WWE DVD Review: John Morrison: Rock Star (07/2011): “The Shaman of Sexy gets his own DVD. Sadly, it’s not really a Monday Night Delight.” Hey everyone, Andre Harrison back at it once again with another Wrestling DVD review. This time I shall be taking a look at John Morrison’s DVD release from 2010, John Morrison: Rock Star . It’s a one-disc release, featuring about two hours of matches, as well as split up documentary around Morrison’s interests ...

WWE Report: Update on When John Morrison Will Make His Return (06/2011): Source: The Wrestling Observer According to, John Morrison is expected to be out for at least another two months. The original time he would be out for was about 10 weeks. At least a month has gone by since that report was made, so it looks as if Morrison's a little behind schedule. I am a little upset to hear this, as I was expecting Morrison to return in the coming weeks, but it ...

WWE: Why R-Truth and an Injury Can Get John Morrison to the Main-Event (05/2011): One of the biggest common wishes of the Internet Wrestling Community is that John Morrison finally gets to main-event in WWE. It’s no secret why. Morrison is an incredible superstar who can do things in the ring that simply no one else can do. And he’s not just a spot monkey. He’s fully capable of good in-ring storytelling and has a strong resume of fantastic matches. And yet, even though he has ...

WWE Draft 2011, The Rock, John Morrison and Monday's WWE News (04/2011): Today could be the most important day in WWE in a very long time. The WWE draft takes on much more importance this year, given the talent rosters being as depleted as they are. Vince McMahon needs to make sure that he is placing his talent on the right shows that will help them succeed. Some see the retirement of Edge, combined with the loss of a number of other top guys in the last year, as a ...

John Morrison Will Not Have His WrestleMania Moment This Year (03/2011): John Morrison 's name is going on the waiting list. Every year, wrestlers hope to get that one moment that they will remember forever at the biggest wrestling extravaganza of the year. The former ECW Champion will not get his WrestleMania moment this year. There were many who thought that Morrison was finally going to get over the hump this year and headline WrestleMania. With his former tag ...

WWE Elimination Chamber Preview: 5 Reasons John Morrison Will Win the Raw Match (02/2011): Hello, Buzzers, Buzz is back. Disclaimer: Before you jump to the comments section and tell me that nobody has a chance other than John Cena, please read the introduction. Elimination Chamber is one night away, and this will be our last pay-per-view before we get ready for the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania 27. From what I've been reading on the wrestling sites for the past few days, it ...

WWE News: Did John Morrison Steal Part of Bret Hart's Gimmick? (01/2011): WWE News: This just in: John Morrison apologized to WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart...for stealing part of his gimmick. Hart told Arda Ocal of Right After Wrestling that Morrison apologized to him for handing out his sunglasses to children during his ring entrance.  "He came up to me, John Morrison did, and he apologized to me, he said he felt bad and made references to stealing my gimmick," Hart ...

John Morrison's Monday Night Showdown Signals Doom for the WWE (12/2010): John Morrison finally gets his title shot this Monday night in a “Falls count anywhere” match against The Miz. If we believed wrestling is real, we’d think that Morrison is finally getting his shot. Since we know that wrestling isn’t, we should believe this is merely a way of fulfilling an obligation. When Morrison won the number one contender’s spot from Sheamus, we wanted to believe that it ...