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The most expensive item with a signature of John McCain (John McCain Senator Signed Autographed OL Baseball Ball Arizona POW In Person) was sold on eBay in September 2018 for $399.95 while the cheapest item (John McCain Autographed Index Card) found a new owner for $0.01 in July 2016. The month with the most items sold (78) was October 2008 with an average selling price of $37.33 for an autographed item of John McCain. Sold items reached their highest average selling price in December 2015 with $390.66 and the month that saw the lowest prices with $1.65 was June 2012. In average, an autographed item from John McCain is worth $27.11.

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AUTOGRAPHED HAND SIGNED CARD John McCain Hero, Presidential Can. COA FREE Ship $$19.90
John McCain Autographed 8x10 Photo$14.99
John McCain Autographed Baseball - Arizona Senator Oml BAS #E97892 - Beckett Authentication$275.99
John McCain Senator Signed Letter. Content Of Letter Deals With What Courage...$9.99
John McCain Signed Autograph Rare Capitol Engraving Arizona JSA Authenticated$225.00
John McCain Signed Baseball - Arizona Senator Oml BAS #E97891 - Beckett Authentication$275.99
RARE Senator John McCain AUTOGRAPH 8 x10 AUTO SIGNED Arizona President Canidate$99.99

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In total, we tracked 821 items since 01/01/2008. The chart below shows the trade volume over time.

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JOHN McCAIN autographed signature card w/ 8x10 photo!$10.49
John McCain signed 8x11 photo GREAT US SENATOR$7.95
JOHN MCCAIN signed 8x11 photo GREAT US SENATOR$6.95
John McCain Signed Autographed Color Photo President ?$39.99

Latest News about John McCain

Cindy McCain on saying goodbye to her husband, and staying in the fight (12/11/18): Cindy McCain reflects on the loss of her husband, Sen. John McCain, her life without him, and the work that remains to be done fighting for the causes they embraced together.

Jason Lewis blames John McCain for Republicans losing the House | City Pages (11/13/18): When Republican Rep. Jason Lewis looked to the stars and wondered where, oh where his bid for reelection went wrong, one name emerged loud and…

Sen. John McCain to mark trout restoration deal - Tucson News Now (04/03/15): BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz. (AP) - U.S. Sen. John McCain is helping a Bullhead City area hatchery celebrate a return to operations. McCain is scheduled to attend a ceremony Friday afternoon marking an agreement between federal and state agencies to restock Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery.

Watch: John McCain Gets Crowd Laughing With Ted Kennedy Anecdote (03/30/15): Arizona senator speaks at the opening ceremony for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.

John McCain: Saudi Arabia 'deserves US support' (03/25/15): US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham said Saudi Arabia "deserves" the support of the US after it launched air strikes against Iranian-backed separatists in Yemen.

Older News Stories about John McCain

John McCain Criticizes Barack Obama For 'Temper Tantrum' On Israel (03/2015): U.S. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., mocked the Obama administration’s criticism of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, telling President Barack Obama: "Get over your temper tantrum, Mr. President."

Arizona Senator John McCain and heckler square off in Arizona (02/2015): Senator John McCain is living up to his "Maverick" nickname this week. During a meeting Thursday in Arizona on Veterans' Health Care a heckler interrupted the Senator who is a war vet. 

John McCain wants a sports betting debate (01/2015): The former presidential candidate wants to open up discussion on betting nationwide.

John McCain strikes back against Arizona conservative activists, sparking a civil war in the state party (12/2014): John McCain believes the Republican Party can be revived. The Republican Party of the 1980s, that is.

John McCain rejects US war with Russia (11/2014): Republican Senator John McCain has rejected a possible conflict between the United States and Russia due to the escalating tensions over the crisis in Ukraine.

Joni Ernst campaign bus carrying John McCain hits deer (10/2014): Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst had to send her campaign bus for repairs this week after it hit a deer in southeast Iowa.

John McCain: I would support Rand Paul as GOP White House nominee (09/2014): Sen. John McCain didn't come out and say he would vote for Sen. Rand Paul for the Republican nominee for president in 2016 -- but he did say that if the Kentuckian won the ticket, he was support him. The Arizona senator also had nothing but praise for ...

Does John McCain have the most 'Meet the Press' appearances? (08/2014): The statement Says he holds the record for "most appearances on Meet the Press ."

Watch: John McCain Says US, FIFA Should Reconsider Russian World Cup (07/2014): The Arizona senator says he'd like to see the US and others reconsider the location of the 2018 World Cup.

India, US Must be Committed to a True Strategic Partnership: John McCain (06/2014): If India and the United States are to build a truly strategic partnership, the two countries must each commit to it and defend it in equal measure, Republican Senator John McCain has said.

Statement by Sen. John McCain on Shinseki resignation (05/2014): U.S. Senator John McCain today released a statement on President Obama's announcement that VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has resigned his post.

John McCain takes on Obama’s critique of his Ukraine strategy (04/2014): Arizona Republican senator has argued that small weapons would provide “moral” boost to Ukrainians, though president says that would be futile

Sen. John McCain: U.S. should consider forcing American businesses to cease Russia operations (03/2014): GE, Exxon-Mobil Corp., Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and PepsiCo Inc., have largest U.S. interests in Russia; world's largest sporting goods brand, Nike, does too

John McCain places hold on Obama Defense Department nominees (02/2014): Sparks flew between Sen. John McCain and two nominees tapped by President Obama to fill prominent Defense Department positions on Tuesday. As a result, the Arizona Republican said he is placing a hold on the nominations of Bob Work to be Deputy Defense Secretary and Christine Wormuth to be Under ...

CCAGW Statement on Arizona GOP Censure of Sen. John McCain (01/2014): Today, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste expressed its surprise, disappointment and staunch opposition to the Arizona Republican Party’s censure of Sen. John McCain , apparently based on a voting record they perceive as being insufficiently conservative.

How John McCain Turned His Clichés Into Meaning (12/2013): The “brave maverick” who became the “bitter old man” is now “learning to let go.”        

Even John McCain knows: McCutchen robbed Goldschmidt of NL MVP (11/2013): There's a serious argument for Arizona's Paul Goldschmidt winning the NL MVP over Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen, and the Senator is helping us make it.

John McCain worried ENDA will lead to “reverse discrimination” (10/2013): The Arizona senator is still on the fence when it comes to the landmark civil rights bill

Sen. John McCain: I'm "very sad" over U.N. resolution on Syrian weapons (09/2013): Ariz. senator on Syria, loosening sanctions on Iran and the divisive politics of defunding Obamacare

Rand Paul on 'Meet the Press'; John McCain on 'Face the Nation' (08/2013): Syria will dominate the Sunday morning talk shows. Here's a guest this for this weekend:

'Everyone Laughed' at John McCain, Even Obama (07/2013): President Obama’s meeting with Democratic senators had an unexpected visitor. Sen. John McCain, who has served in the upper chamber since 1987 after two terms in the House, apparently got lost and interrupted the meeting. “He opened the wrong door and the president and everyone...        

John McCain wants all illegals deported (06/2013): For the first time Arizona Senator John McCain has said that he would support a programme of immigration reform that would deport illegals.

John McCain poses for photo with Syrian rebel kidnappers (05/2013): TURKEY-SYRIAN BORDER – Senator John McCain’s secret Memorial Day meet-and-greet with Syrian rebel leaders is coming back to bite him. McCain is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Syria during its two-year civil war. He wants the Obama Administration to …

Kevin Spacey, Sen. John McCain & More Spoof House of Cards (04/2013): Kevin Spacey just turned the House of Cards into a House of Nerds. In a spoof of the Netflix show for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, also known as "Nerd Prom," the...

John McCain Isn’t the Only Immigration Reformer Sticking With the ‘I-Word’ (03/2013): At a town hall meeting in Arizona this week, John McCain shot down a young woman's request that he "please drop the i-word" when referring to undocumented immigrants.

Double Trouble: John McCain and Lindsey Graham (02/2013): I'll hit him high ... When republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham arrived for an Oval Office meeting with President Obama on Feb. 26, an icebreaker was in order.

John McCain embarrasses himself at Hagel confirmation (01/2013): Re "Hagel gets worked over at Senate hearing" (Page A10, Feb. 1): I voted for Sen. John Mc

Senator John McCain is With Mr. Oreo at the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (12/2012): As well all predicted.

Susan Rice meets Tuesday with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte (11/2012): U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice met Tuesday with three key Republican senators to answer questions about the Sept. 11 attack at the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Read full article >>

John McCain coming to Omaha (10/2012): McCain, the former Republican presidential candidate, will be the featured guest Friday at a rally for Deb Fischer.

John McCain: Debate will be most-viewed 'in history' (09/2012): WASHINGTON -- He has debated both of the candidates who will square off Wednesday in the first presidential debate of the 2012 campaign. He was the last person to debate President Obama, in 2008.

John McCain’s quiet birthday on the sidelines in Tampa (08/2012): TAMPA — Four years ago, he was the GOP’s man of the hour. On Wednesday, John McCain quietly celebrated his 76th birthday here with an early convention hall speech and a cameo appearance at a late-night party. Read full article >>

John McCain returning to NH to talk defense cuts (07/2012): Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain is returning to New Hampshire to discuss looming defense spending cuts.

'Vice President Portman,' John McCain Hints (06/2012): John McCain suggests Rob Portman may be selected as Mitt Romney's running mate.

John McCain On Syria: U.S. Inability To Help 'Embarrassing' (05/2012): KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- The United States must show stronger international leadership to halt the violence in Syria, which could become a significant issue in this year's presidential campaign, two U.S. senators said Thursday.

Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, opens up in Playboy interview (04/2012): While Meghan McCain, daughter of almost-President Senator John McCain, didn’t strip down for her interview with Playboy, she didn’t hold back on shedding some light onto her own personal life.

John McCain Predicts 'Huge Scandals' In The Super PAC Era (03/2012): WASHINGTON--The U.S. campaign finance system is so heavily influenced by big-spending interest groups and wealthy individuals that it will take "huge scandals" to change it - and those scandals are looming, Senator John McCain said Tuesday.

John McCain won't watch HBO's 'Game Change,' stands by Palin pick (02/2012): Count one less viewer in the audience when HBO airs "Game Change," its dramatization of the 2008 presidential campaign, which features a scathingly negative portrayal of vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.

John McCain Blasts Super PACs And Citizens United Ruling -- Again (01/2012): Doubling down on comments he made earlier in the week , Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Sunday's "Meet the Press" once again denounced the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision for unleashing the flood of money now "washing over politics."

NJ families says 'Mr. Veteran' John McCain sucker-punched them after stalling namesake war hero's return (12/2011): NJ town still seeks return of namesake war hero

Ann Coulter gets silenced on ‘Morning Joe’ for calling John McCain a ‘douchebag’ — VIDEO (11/2011): It looks like Ann Coulter, who has a long history of saying things, is going to have put a(nother) dollar

John McCain: Elizabeth Warren Relies On 'Special Interest Allies' (10/2011): WASHINGTON -- In a fundraising email sent on behalf of Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) on Tuesday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) accuses Brown's likely opponent, Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, of being beholden to special interests.

Face the Nation: John McCain, Haley Barbour and Martin O'Malley (09/2011): As Rick Perry loses steam and unhappiness with Mitt Romney continues, the calls for more GOP candidates grow louder

Sen. John McCain Should Apologize for Wallow Fire Remarks (08/2011): COMMENTARY | Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., made an appalling statement June 20, regarding the Wallow Fire that was raging in his home state. The largest wildfire in the state's history had allegedly been started by illegal immigrants.

U.S. Sen. John McCain gets 'tea party' flak (07/2011): U.S. Sen. John McCain felt the wrath of some of the biggest names in the ''tea party'' universe after taking shots at them last week on the Senate floor.

Sen. John McCain ties fires to illegal border crossings (06/2011): PHOENIX - Sen. John McCain fanned some political flames when he said some wildfires blazing in Arizona were likely started by people who crossed the border illegally.

John McCain's Spotty Record on Torture (05/2011): You might say that he was against it before he was for it before he was against it in a recent op-ed

Rachel Maddow OBLITERATES John McCain, Joe Lieberman, And Lindsay Graham's Libyan Hypocrisy (04/2011): The Senators criticized President Barack Obama 's dealings with the Libyan leader, arguing that the United States needs to do more to eliminate Gaddafi.

John McCain's History With Gadhafi (03/2011): Twitter archive reveals 2009 meeting between senator and dictator in Libya.

HuffPost TV: Howard Fineman Talks John McCain and Charlie Sheen On MSNBC'S 'The Last Word' (02/2011): The Huffington Post's Senior Political Editor Howard Fineman appeared Thursday night on MSNBC's "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" to discuss the National Journal's ranking...

Robert J. Elisberg: I Believe That John McCain is a Patriot (01/2011): On Saturday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) wrote in the op-ed pages of the Washington Post that President Barack Obama "is a patriot." I'm so relieved...

Senator John McCain's born identity (12/2010): McCain's fervent opposition to presidential policies, are and always have been, driven by spite and not statesmanship.